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[SOLD]SOLD - FS: Xtrons TE706PL

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I have for sale my Xtrons TE706PL running Android 8.0


I have used it for about 6 month and it has been completely faultless.


As it runs full Android 8.0 so its great for those who like to tinker.

Reason for sale is that I have been talked into a full audio install that will include a new HU and Android Auto.


Happy to answer questions with regards to software that I've used. 

It's still in the car at the moment but will be reset before sending off.

It also works with the steering wheel controls, the adaptor is included in the sale.


This will bolt directly into the bose cage.


I would be looking for around £200 or sensible offers.


Collection is preferred near Cardiff or I can travel to meet.  I will post, please contact me first as I'll need to see if i have something to send it in.



Pics attached are using apps that I have installed.  Nav is Sygic and Audio is N7.  These are not included on the device and are my own purchases.


More info on the unit:



Android 8.0 Octa Core 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM Multimedia Receiver with 7" Display

Android 8.0 | Octa Core | 32GB ROM | 4GB RAM | TPMS | OBD | 4G WiFi | DAB | Multi-window View

Note: This unit does NOT have a DVD drive.

Top Hardware Configuration with Latest OS
The latest Operating System - Android Oreo
The XTRONS TE706PL is powered by the smarter, faster, and more powerful operating system Android 8.0. 
You will be in for the smoothest user experience ever experienced on a head unit.
The Most Powerful Hardware
With the on-board Octa-Core processor and its 32GB ROM memory, the TE706PL achieves ultra-fast running speeds with a smooth and efficient multi-task processing ability, satisfying even the most tech savvy users.
Faster Performance
Android Oreo minimizes background activity in the apps you use least and gets started on your favorite tasks more quickly with twice the boot speed when powering up.
Boot time was measured on the same hardware and with a different version of the Android OS.
Google Play Protect, Added Security
You can now permit the installation of APKs per-source, so that hostile downloader apps can't operate without your permission.
By scanning over 50 billion apps per day, Android Play Protect automatically helps to keep the hardware and your data safe from hostile apps, and ensures that your unit is clear, fast, and performing at its best.
Do Two Things at Once
Now you can switch and run two apps on screen side by side.
So go ahead listening to music through your favorite app whilst navigating, or making phone call with your browser open.

•Always the XTRONS Design
Latest User Interface
The XTRONS TE706PL features a responsive, powerful and intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and highly customizable.
Sleek Appearance and High Definition Display
With its 1024*600 resolution and a highly sensitive and intuitive touch screen, you will be amazed and enjoy super sharp image display.
Redesigned Back End
With the newly designed heat sink and connectors,we have maximised the connection capabilities of the Android unit, whilst keeping the wires simple and tidy for installation.
Customised Connectors: The plug & go design aims to match the original connectors, to make installation as easy and hassle-free as possible.
FAKRA Type GPS / Radio Antenna Port: FAKRA connectors are designed to perform up to 3 GHz to meet the particular mechanical and environmental requirements of the automotive industry.
Thickened Aluminum Heat Sink: Specially designed for efficient heat dissipation.

Max out Entertainment in Your Journey
Multiple Input Sources
Expand your media choices by plugging your USB stick or SD card into this unit to play music, video or view photos. 
You can also use screen mirroring function to read messages or watch videos directly on the screen of this head unit instead of your phone.
Note: 1. The USB and SD maximum capacity is 128GB, but the files in the USB and SD card should be within 8GB.
2. Please note that not all smartphones are compatible with screen mirroring function.

DAB+ Tuner Ready
Enjoy the High Quality Sound in your Car
With the optional DAB+ radio receiver stick, which connects via the USB port, you can enjoy better sound quality and stronger digital audio broadcasting channels. 
Note: DAB+ radio receiver stick(Optional), XTRONS USBDAB01 is compatible. Need it, inquire with us now!
High Quality Bluetooth Voice Call
With the new and updated Bluetooth module, you can now enjoy Bluetooth interference-free phone calls in higher quality and with more clearness.
Hands Free Calls
Bluetooth Music
3G / 4G Module with Hotspot Function
Surf the Internet on the go with the XTRONS dongles. 
By inserting a SIM card into the XTRONS 3GDONG008 or 4GDONG001, you can use them as a hotspot to connect WiFi enabled devices to.
Your head unit, tablets or smartphones within your vehicle can connect via the dongle's hotspot to browse the Internet whilst on the road.
Note: Other 3G / 4G dongles may not compatible with this unit.

Keeping Informed and Staying Safe
Steering Wheel Control
The Steering Wheel Control function allows you to take easy control on switching songs, changing radio channels and adjusting volume from the buttons on your steering wheel.
This provides convenience and safety by allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel.
DVR Input Ready
The XTRONS TE706PL comes with a dedicated DVR input, making it simple to connect a XTRONS DVR to the unit. Once setup, this feature can capture events that occur whilst driving, providing safety features such as collision footage.
Note: DVR019 is optional. Need it, inquire with us now!
OBD2 - A Window for you to Diagnose your Car Status
With OBD2 function available on this unit, you can retrieve real-time data and trouble codes from your vehicle's computer. All the data from your vehicle is presented in an easy to read format.
Note: OBD2 is optional. Need it, inquire with us now!
Tire Pressure Monitoring is Available
After you have correctly installed the TPMS in your car, the sensors will automatically monitor tire pressure and temperature, and transmit real-time statistics to the receiver so that you can see the real-time data of your vehicles' tires on this unit.
Note: Tire pressure monitoring receiver system is optional. Need it, inquire with us now

Other Features
1. Built-in Radio Tuner 
18 FM and 12 AM stations preset.
2. Customize Your Themes
10 still wallpapers and 3 dynamic wallpapers
3. 4*48W Surround Stereo
High-fidelity and powerful audio effect.
4. Navigation
Supports online and offline maps.

Head Unit: 152*179*100mm
Face Panel: 19*177*102mm

1 x ISO Wiring Harness
2 x Fitting Kits 
8 x Screws
1 x USB Cable
1 x GPS Antenna
2 x RCA Cables
1 x Microphone & Camera Cable
1 x User Manual






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Was the surround part of the original xtrons or did you get that separate? I have the previous gen xtrons 7" but didn't get a surround with it and couldn't find one which fitted as neatly as yours does.


For anyone else reading this: The xtrons are a really nice headunit I recommend them. I have a 3g dongle in mine and so it auto updates my spotify playlists. GPS using HERE maps. anything else you want to do using android.

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No mine surround is just a normal aftermarket one.  The unit just sites behind it

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Sold Pending Payment.

Payment Received.

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