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Changing clutch fluid question

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The clutch fluid on my HR is looking very brown, so I've just ordered some Motul RBF 600 so I can flush it out myself next week.


I've seen in a few videos of people changing fluid in a 370z (same as HR i believe) that they drained the reservoir completely and then cleaned inside it with a lint-free cloth.


Doesn't this introduce air into the system though? Which then causes alot of problems trying to bleed the clutch?

If I don't drain the reservoir fully, how am I meant to clean the dirt from inside the reservoir?


Thanks in advance

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Siphon 80% of the old fluid from the reservoir using a syringe.


Fill the reservoir with fresh fluid and using a small toothbrush gently scrub the inside of the reservoir.


Siphon again leaving about 20% of fluid in the reservoir.


Top up and bleed.


3 man operation.


1 on the pedal, 1 on the reservoir and 1 on the bleed nipple. 



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Perfect thank you, that's exactly what I needed.  I'll only have my other half to help me, so I'll have to keep a very close eye on the reservoir.

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