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Clutch issues

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Need the expert confirmation! My clutch pedal is having issues again (pedal sticking to the floor when hot or after exuberant driving), would it be safe to assume my slave cylinder is on the way out? Also, I’ve noticed that when I put my foot down in 4th 5th or 6th, the revs spike with no immediate acceleration, drop back down and then the car kinda ‘catches up’. Clutch slipping and time to replace? Thanks!


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Certainly sounds like you have a hydraulic issue as well as a slipping clutch issue I am afraid.

A new clutch kit will fix your slip issue and a slave and braided line with fresh high temperature fluid will fix your hydraulic pedal issue.

All parts are in stock and good to go same/next day.

Just drop me a PM if I can help further.




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^ ^ Exactly this. I had a hydraulic issue 3 days after getting my Z, luckily the garage replaced the slave for a new one & fitted the HEL braided line I sent them (they also paid for the line). I was never happy with how the pedal felt after they eventually bled it. I ended up bleeding it with my dad pressing the pedal. A YT video shows some valve under the n/s/f wheel arch line that's an issue when bleeding, apparently. My pedal feels real good now. Only today was I sat in 30oC temps on the M6 with lots of stop / starting (upto 15mph) & crawling along & had total confidence the hydraulics were properly bled. I even bought a Stoptech slave from one of the traders on here to upgrade it to at some point along with some Motul RBF660. My Z also has a Clark Motorsport stage 1 clutch with SMF conversion too. Something to consider.

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