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No power, won’t start.

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So I went to start the car today after it being sat for a few weeks and I never bothered to hook up the maintainence charger, so no surprise it’s stone dead. However, even after hooking it up to another car with its ignition running, it’s still dead. No lights or anything. I checked the 2 ignition fuses and they seem fine :shrug:


anyone any ideas?

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Had the battery charging for the past 6 hours, which I know isn’t enough to charge it, but I figured I’d have got a dash light. 


Instead of connecting the negative to the chassis, I connected it straight to the terminal and had power again, but would repeatedly click very quickly if I tried to turn it over.


How come it wouldn’t work with a dead battery? I’d have though connecting a 14v source to the battery would be virtually the same as a fully charged battery.

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When your battery is dead, the battery that you are trying to jump it with is not only trying to start the car, but also charging the flat battery.

So leave it hooked up for 30 minutes and then try again.

However, best to just be patient and charge the battery fully.

Then check the fully charged battery to make sure that it is holding its charge.





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