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Seatbelt assembly help

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Hey guys,


Looking for some help, I've trailed the depths of Google but have found nothing so far.

Back in the day I ran a harness bar, that's now been removed.


Since that came off I literally have no idea how the original seatbelt assembly goes back in. Didn't realise quite how many washers and other bits and pieces actually put this together until it all fell out never to go back in the right way again...

I'd like it how it originally was where I would move the hanger to different levels and the seatbelt head itself moved to accommodate the angle.

Anyone breaking a Zed want to have a look for me? :lol::surrender:





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I know how this goes, however, I could never explain it to you.

I will try and grab a picture for you when over at the shop tomorrow .

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There really are loads of intricate bits to it, I couldn't believe it...think I'd need a picture of it all laid out to figure out what order it all goes in.


Appreciate the response :thumbs:

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