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350z cover...

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Time of year again when crows attack!!  Live out in the sticks and they attack anything shiny - make a right racket - Ive had to put newspaper over the windows on the house, and cover all cars outside with newspaper again..

Just woke me up now attacking a wingmirror outside, and Ive had enough.


Im not a very good shot with a gun, so looking at option B.

Car covers.


Can anyone recommend one (cheapish), that fits a 350z roadster....  Its a bit generic on amazon, some say 350z but show BMWs etc.

Happy to go to halfrauds if I have to, and buy a generic silverline one, but wanted to find out if anyone here had bought one they could recommend.



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Hi i am seriously looking at car covers for my 350 as i am going to be wrapping it shortly at monster wraps so looking at the stormforce model here

.kindly rewiew the other versions to decide perhaps which one suits you best and they have specific versions for the 350. Hope this helps


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The Halfords covers are a good fit and value for money and also decent quailty.  (Not the all weather one)

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