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Been trying to figure out how to get spare keys for my 350z import, so far have found the below two options and thought I would post it up.
First option is Knight Racer in Milton Keynes can do it, charge £180 for the key, £80 for programming and about £20 to get it cut..
Second option is to order from a company over in Japan called IRS CORPORATION (info@irs.co.jp), they will charge £120 for the blank key shipped to the UK, added a image that they sent over that includes part numbers, cost, etc.
Once I've got the aftermarket alarm removed and the car returned to stock I'm going to order some keys in.
If you guys have any other options would love to hear them.

Z33 Keys.pdf

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You can get a 2nd hand key from a breaker (Zmanalex a trader here might have some)- £25-£40 each depending but make sure they are from an import model, new blade for £5 (Ebay) which takes 2 minutes to replace on the 2nd hand key. Then spend £80 on programming and £20 to cut. You can get any locksmiths to cut it (some chargers £10). So saving you some ££££.


I had mine done in Malaysia when I went back home for holiday. Purchased a 2nd key from a trader here for £25 (He's not trading at the moment), replace the blade myself (£5 from Ebay), key cut and programmed by a auto locksmiths in Malaysia for £30. So all in for £60 B)


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