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Smoke on startup


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SO I've started getting a puff of smoke on startup combined with a bit of stuttering- not when I turn the key, but the first 3-4 throttle blips the car falters and a bit of smoke -after that she drives fine.


Its a 03 DE at 105k miles but the engine was swapped and only has around 45k on it.  Feels too soon for rings or valve seals, any ideas on likely cause?

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Could well just be down to it's making a bit more oil mist due to wear and because these engines create a lot of oil mist anyway with the std breather setup, the oil pools in the lower runners of the plenum and on the first start and subsequent blip of the throttle the oil gets drawn into the cylinders and burnt.


A cure for this is to fit a sealed catch can to the idle/low load side of the PCV system, this will help eliminate the oil pooling by the oil mist settling out in the catch can instead of the plenum.


Of course, if it is the valve stem seals this won't help, but its far easier than renewing the valve seals.;)

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