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Locked out!

Blue Straggler

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Hi, not sure of Bodywork is the correct forum for this, mods please advise (or just move it if needed)

I've done a little forum search and seen a few queries about locks but none that quite match mine.

I have a 2004 350Z, been running OK for two years. I have two remote keys for it, and two extra spare ones that are just solid keys (no battery, no remote). 
I've been using one remote key almost exclusively for two years and it seems that the battery has died in it, which should be fine, I just go and get some replacement batteries. The spare remote has never worked, presumably also a flat battery in there. I have some batteries on order and expected that until they arrive, I can use any of the keys to just open the door manually (careful to turn the ignition on very soon afterward to avoid the alarm going off, as I learned some time last year).
However the lock does NOT turn at all with any of the keys. Not even putting some welly into it (well, maybe not that much welly, as I don't want to break anything by forcing). 
This seems fishy. 
I'll walk into town now and try to get some replacement remote batteries (DL2016 /. CR2016) but in the meantime, I ask here has anyone experienced this? I am worried that no key will open my door (it worked fine before on occasions where I couldn't find my main-use remote key)

The car has a few electrical gremlins going on since Christmas - it needed a jump start (fair, it had been sat untouched in the freezing cold for three weeks), the passenger window won't respond to open/close switched from either door, which I am planning to get seen to soon, and on Thursday night the airbag warning light started flashing (also going to get this seen to). 

But not being able to get into the car at all is a bit worrying! I had been unable to lock it yesterday when this first manifested, but worked out that if you are in the car and hit the "lock doors" button even with driver door open then close the driver door, it locks. Did I do something wrong there?

Do I just need to squirt some WD40 into the lock?


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Update - sadly it is not the batteries - I just bought a new pair, popped one into each of my remote keys, correct polarity, no change. The chances of two new off-the-shelf batteries being duds and/or both remote keys being dead, are pretty slim. Surely it is something in the car. To be clear, there is zero response from the car - the lights don't flash. This suggests that it is not a case of "it's responding but the locks are stuck and need lubricating" (and the response of locks to lock/unlock from inside on the door switch, suggests that they are smooth). And yet the fact that I can't TURN the key manually in the lock suggests something else going on. 

No problems until last night aside from the battery on the main-use remote seemingly being on its way out (it has been working intermittently for a couple of months but usually just a few extra presses tended to make it work OK if it didn't respond first time). 

I am keen to be able to at least use the keys manually, before arranging to get this looked at properly - so what are the suggestions for perhaps squirting something into the key hole?

I am not very "handy" with this stuff. I do have homestart cover.
Don't need the car today so can wait till tomorrow to call them out....

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Hey all, panic is over, I finally managed to open it "manually". Seemed to just need a bit of "push the key in and out a few times and kind of wiggle it up, down, left, right, as well as trying to turn". A glass of wine at home helped me pick up the courage to go give it a bit more welly!

Remote still not working, a friend suggested that this may be linked to the window issue, something about about a "comfort console" (as they are called on VW), maybe under the seat, maybe damp or suffering a loose connection. Any ideas? As I said, I am not very handy so I will probably take it to get looked at. 

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Sorted the passenger window now too, but now when I open the car "manually" the alarm goes off (which I experienced last summer using a spare key, but which didn't happen yesterday on first and second tries). 
Have tried to pair the fobs using the "on/off six times, wait for lights to flash and/or a click, then hold UNLOCK and tap LOCK 3 times and release UNLOCK" Didn't work with either fob, both with brand new battery in . Zero response to the 6 key turns. What next to try? Don't think neighbours will take kindly to the alarm going off even just for a few seconds, every time I open the car until I get this sorted!

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On 27/01/2018 at 14:29, Blue Straggler said:

 and on Thursday night the airbag warning light started flashing (also going to get this seen to). 

Glad you're keys are up and running again.

For the airbag warning light, I can't remember the sequence but you can reset this yourself (it's either the pedal dance, or turning the ignition on/off a few times, you'll need to Google). The light is usually triggered by the sensor under the passenger seat - if you check that first then do the rest. I used to find the odd empty bottle of water rolling under the seat to be the culprit.

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