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Burning rubber smell

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Hey all,


So I've been a proud Z owner for around 2 months now, no problems so far apart from the occasional burning rubber smell coming from... somewhere.


The car has 62k miles on it so its not exactly a new car. The only thing i have had fitted (so far) are a set of winter tyres but there is more than enough clearance between the tyre and the arch so I can't imagine its that.


Anyone else had this issue? 


Its the 2009 base model 370z

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A wild guess.


Given you mention the winter tyres being fitted, if the burning smell is since that tyre change (and not knowing what type/size the tyres are), made me think of cars on track when 'wet' tyres become hotter as the track dries out and they can overheat.  If the smells occur when you have been driving perhaps quite vigorously on dry roads, could that be the source??


Do the tyres feel particularly hot after some spirited driving?

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Sorry for the late reply.


Yes, spirited driving does seem to be the contributing factor to the smell :lol: although the tyres don't seem all that hot.


I'll see how it is once my summer set are on.

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