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Gran Turismo Sport

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Having placed my order with Amazon in August 2016, I’ve been more than a little excited by the recent arrival of GT Sport. I don’t mind too much the traditional career mode has been dropped as so far the online offering seems pretty stable and fun. I am also enjoying the livery editor (I know we’re about 10 years late on that compared to other titles). I am also excited to get my Official FIA Licence sorted in the near future.





Here’s meine Porsche.







And some other bits and pieces.






Post up your online handle if you fancy getting onboard, also any livery shots and tuning shizzle etc. Get involved!


Shame there’s no Zs :(


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I found the inability to compare different vehicles across categories to be quite frustrating so I’ve pulled the numbers on the vehicles. I’m working through the categories until I have the lot. I was very disappointed to see my beautiful Cayman Clubsport is never going to compete in Gr.4 
















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How does this feel to drive?


Although I suppose that question is dependent on what you're used to! 


I mainly run iRacing, Assetto Corsa and LFS either running triple monitor or rift depending on mood.

While the sims are great I always had GT before for my car collecting and owning fix.. with them dropping that I've just ignored GTS so far and waiting for 7.

I did look at forza 7 on PC but it's just horrific to drive someday they might get linearity right I guess...


Should I come back to GTS once it's cheap..:D?

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