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Evening guys, Just wondering if it is possible to search for archived posts/threads anymore?


When I first got the car and signed up I was able to search the archives for every post the previous owner had written in the past. This was handy to get to know the history of the car and interesting to find out where it had come from and its journey.


I remember reading a post about where that particular owner/member purchased a spoiler from. I cannot remember where he sourced it so went to search through all of his posts to try and find out but it seems I can no longer view his legacy posts/threads. I am looking at selling the spoiler and would like to know where he sourced it from so I do not advertise it falsely. If there is anyway to search through the archives that Im missing then I apologise for being a mongtard. If not then is this a feature that is gone for good or is due for a comeback?

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On mobile version:


Go to members profile. 

There are 3 buttons underneath their pic

Click on the right one that looks like a newspaper. 

That links to everything posted by that member. 

(I'm working at the moment so can't check thoroughly as to whether that covers the full archive).


The main search function of the forum does search the entire archive now. So using that should get you want you need. 

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Cheers Lexx, went through his profile and after a while managed to get to the majority of his posts and found the particular one I was after so stopped searching for others.


I have noticed that if I use the search function to search for a post I know is there by using a word that is in the post, it doesnt always find the post. It will show up with 1 word but not another. For example if a post contains the words "black wheels" if I was to search for "black" it would show the post but if I then searched for the word "wheels" then it wouldnt. These arent the exact words I searched for, just using as an example. Not a drama really just something I had noticed so thought Id mention it.

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