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Scissor Doors - Recommendation


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Hi Guys,


Looking to install them on my 370. Anyone here who has already done it and can advice on reliability and which kit to use. Alternatively where to install them and how much will this cost.


I am looking for some durable kit.



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LSD doors are the ones to buy.




Comes with an installation manual.


Don't seem to do any for the 370Z Vert though, so hope you've got a coupe.


They had me at the description :)





General product description for doors with GRS


The LSD hinges "Made in Germany" convince by their easy installation at the original mounting points and their perfect fit. By the adjustable roller guiding of the Guided Roller System (GRS), the entire movement of the swivel arm is forced in each position by the two-dimensional adjustment possibility with adjustable guide rollers of the roller bearing in order to ensure a precise opening and closing of the door. A gas spring which matches the weight of the door keeps the door in position when it is completely opened. Proved in everyday life: With the LSD hinges, the original doors first open up to 30° outwards, then they are guided safely upwards without to immediately slide upwards independently.


100% Vehicle specific

Each LSD application was newly developed for each vehicle type. All major vehicle dimensions were considered. Therefore each application is individually and tailor made.


- Functional overall solution for every day

- Installation at the original mounting points without structural changes

- part certificate

- Tested according to the Traffic Regulations, ECE- and EC Directives

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It's a German company with poor English. Fortunately the important thing is the quality of the product, and they come highly recommended. :bleh:


I know they are supposed to be a better make - I still liked the description ;)

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