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Hi all,


So after following these forums for a while I thought it's about time to make a post of my own.


I bought my Zed 4 years ago, and always said I wouldn't modify it. Until 6 months ago when I really caught the dreaded Zeditus.


So my build started with Stillen gen 3 intake supplied by Tarmac, then I had these fitted along with a set of Cobra HFC and an EcuTech map all by Abbey motorsport.


Tarmac were brilliant with the delivery and kept me in the loop the whole time.


Once these mods were on and the map was completed the car felt amazing. It was brilliant to have a bit of extra noise to the car and the map made the car feel a lot smoother.


I fancied a bit of a change with colours on the car, so I had the roof and mirrors wrapped which I think makes a really nice change.


Then came the Eibach 25mm spacers all round and Eibach springs, supplied by Cougar store. There was a few weeks wait for these, but again Cougar store kept me updated the whole time until they arrived.


The spacers went on straight away whilst I considered if I really wanted to put the springs on. The spacers made the car look a lot better, with a much wider stance, but I really needed to close that gap between the wheels and arches, so decided that the springs were going on.


At this point, I decided that I needed a new exhaust, and after much deliberation I decided on the Arc grip with burnt tips and this again was supplied by Tarmac with speedy delivery


Springs and exhaust were fitted yesterday and wow what a difference the exhaust makes. I LOVE IT.


As I'm sure you'll spot with the wheels, they are ruined, and these were due to be done this week, however I have been having clutch problems so today Horsham Developments fitted the Extreme Clutch with CSC & SMF. The clutch feels a lot heavier and the biting point feels a lot further down but I guess that's just something to get used to. It hasn't solved all my clutch problems as it's still grinding going in to 6th, so any recommendations with that would be gratefully received. H-dev said it's probably the synchro which will be a cost that I wish I didn't have to pay.


So for now that's it, but I'm sure there'll be more to come.






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