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power steering issue


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hi all


54 plate uk 350z with 80k on the clock. no mods apart from exhaust and lightweight flywheel


on startup, especially in the morning, the power steering is whining.


Weirdly - when I turn right it whines loads, when I turn left it whines less but the whole rack feels a tiny bit.. wobbly.


Any ideas on what this might be so I can work out vague extent of £££ misery before taking it to a pro!


(google suggested belts, dirty fluid or pump)





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Not sure if this is relevant but one of my 200SX's did this, especially on damp mornings and like yours seemed to disappear after everything had warmed up, perhaps your belt is a little loose and with the damp its making it slip or maybe the belt is just knackered.

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Do the obvious first, check fluid, get under the car and check the rack isn't leaking too - and as samsniss350z said - check the belts.

Wobble suggests wheel bearings too.


If you take it somewhere, do get it to a recommended place :thumbs:


If you want - paste this into google, have a read of them and see if anything sounds similar:

site:350z-uk.com steering whine

site:my350z.com steering whine

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