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Backbox rattle - baffle?


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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has had this problem before. Bought my Z around three weeks ago and have had a rattling around the exhaust for the last week and a half of careful use. I took it to a garage and they found the heat shielding had rotten away and was rattling around, he took that off as he said you don't really need it as there is other protection above. But there is still a rattling coming from the back box, the exhaust seems to be rusty in areas and has corroded inside the pipe on one side.

I'm not sure where I stand, but I bought the gold year warranty just in case anything went wrong. Just wondering if anyone has had any joy going down this path, as I have already replaced the boot struts (from my own pocket).

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Mine started to rattle a little while ago, couldn't work it out to start with, come MOT time turns out the pipe had rusted right through at the joint nearest the backbox, but embarrassing I couldn't work it out myself.


Not sure on the warranty, I know the one I bought with mine doesn't cover exhausts and it was the "platinum" for what it's worth.


Still, excuse to get the ark grip on at the weekend from Mitz at cougarstore B)

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if it is because of rust, it will be classed as wear and tear, therefore not covered.


But if something has snapped or broke inside (not due to rust) you should be covered.


i bet its due to rust. 350z exhausts seem prone to it.

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Ah thanks for the replies guys.

The garage put a new middle section in, however they left the rust box at the end so maybe its worth giving them a call.

It sounds like something has broken off or come loose inside. But the exhaust has started to corrode anyway, so either way it needs replacing :( I don't mind fitting it myself, but its still ~£200 for the box :(

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