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  1. At last she has arrived Here's a quick photo until I get a chance to take some more
  2. Thanks everyone for the interest these went to the first person to message me Mods can you please lock this
  3. Purchased these back in November from the legend who goes by the name of ZMANALEX Only selling them due to having parted company with my zed this morning so no longer need them. I don't have the original boxes but they will be well packaged in a box when I post them out. Looking for £150 + Postage (which Im guessing will be around £20)
  4. black > white > grey > silver silver just looks meh and grey is a bit too understated for it i think. The plan is to eventually wrap it in sunset in memory of my zed Aye still planning to stick around
  5. This has to be the most obvious statement i have ever seen!:grin: Aye they go like stink Test drove one a while ago and just couldn't stop grinning when I got out! Couldn't afford it though at the time so its been a painful wait lol
  6. Aye really looking forward to it, certainly not a sensible purchase as running costs are going to be a nightmare.. but you only live once etc Very true, looking forward to seeing photos once you have it... There's some great deals about at the moment, any idea which spec/colour you're going for... Aye will get some up as soon as i get one I'm going for Black with the Black Edition Pack and it has to be 59plate or upwards so I get the upgraded entertainment system
  7. Aye really looking forward to it, certainly not a sensible purchase as running costs are going to be a nightmare.. but you only live once etc
  8. After 3 years of lusting I've decided to buy a GT-R
  9. After 2 and a half years of ownership she's off to a new owner on Saturday. Have thoroughly enjoyed Zed ownership and would recommend to anyone who's considering one to just go out and buy one Actually turned out to be a lot less expensive to run over the 2 years than I had expected which was a nice surprise and she hasn't let me down once! Will be sad to see her go as we've had some good times
  10. Ive got a blank blade + key here if interested unsure if the key will work as never got round to trying to get it coded PM me if interested
  11. cerealuk

    2 Owners?

    ROFL! I just spat a mouth full of shreddies out Its now my mission to try and use that quote at least once this week!
  12. Bit low but if you're seriously interested then drop me a pm as I may be a bit flexible on price, e.g I can probably get close to meeting you in the middle by instantly knocking a bit off if I remove the spacers and pop charger ;-)
  13. Have just come back from viewing a new car that I am likely to put an offer in for tomorrow morning so may need to shift my car fairly quick: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=59936 ive had it on the forum and piston heads for £7k, have since lowered to £6495 and still no bites. My advert probably doesn't sell it in a great light but I like to be honest as I've purchased cars before to find little annoying faults with them. My questions is, what would you guys honestly think it's worth? I dont need to sell it to raise funds for the new one so it hasn't got to go right away but every week i own them both is an extra week of insurance etc etc and its just going to be in the way.. Any suggestions?





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