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  1. Hi, Prob's not the best topic, but I'm thinking of selling my Zed 52 plate (registered post march 06) but looking on Pre-loved and Ebay there are no old Zed's and prices have gone up. I really don't know what to do... Am doing alot of mileage these days, (64 miles a day) and the tax is still way high... and I'm sorry to say it may get worse. Need some guidance. Gray (ITSpecialist)
  2. Well I rang the DVLA they claim my car has greater Co2 that UK cars, so they said nothing they can do about it. So is there anyone else with a Jap' car that has lower tax???
  3. ITSpecialist (Graham) - Pontypool/Cwmbran
  4. Ah, just rechecked my V5 it was registered in the UK 11/12/2003, registration in Japan was Jan 2003. Damn it. The date they use is the date it was registered in the UK (so after it was imported), not the date it was manufactured or registered in Japan.
  5. was registered Jan 2003
  6. Just had my Road Tax renewel and that's £400 for the year. 2003 model - 350z, not fairlady but is an import. I really can't see how they can distinguish the Co2 from the JDM and UK models. Not a happy bunny on the renewal it says 291 g/km for Co2. Can anyone tell me what it says on the UK?
  7. Yeah I sometimes get the same. It's to do with the window seal because it's only held closed by pressure. Could some how greese the seal? Gray
  8. Hey, Thinking of buying a double Din head unit to replace the OEM SatNav screen. Does any one know if anything will fit in that space and cabling?
  9. I noticed there aren't many tutorials on the web on how to change the engine oil for the Nissan 350z, so here's how I do it, please follow the instructions diligently as I am not liable for damage or personal injury. I use 5 Litres of Fully Synthetic 5W30 ACDelco + Cooper Oil Filter, although OEM one claims to have a relief valve apparently. Oil = £16 Filter = £5 Step 1: Warm up your vehicle, dirty oil comes out faster and easier when the oil is hot. Step 2: Loosen oil filter cap and pull out the oil dip stick, this will also speed up the flowing process. Step 3: Jack up your car using an appropriate jack and because the 350z is a very low car, its imperative that you use a jackstand and a piece of wood to block one of the wheels so the car doesn't roll off. Step 4: Remove plastic panel that covers the bottom of the engine which is held down by screws and plastic clips. Step 5: Remove the drain bolt and let the oil drain out completely in a oil pan. Step 6: Install the drain bolt and make sure you use a copper drain plug gasket. (Nissan uses a special copper drain plug that is around 2 mm thick, when you tighten the bolt, the washer thins out. You can get these at your Nissan Parts Counter for about £1 each. Tighten drain bolt at 29.4-39.2 NM or 22-28 FT-LB using a torque wrench. Step 7: Remove oil filter using oil filter removal tool. (see step3.jpg) You can buy the one from Nissan Part no. KV10115801, its just a simple oil filter wrench that fits perfectly on the oil filter. When installing the new filter, use your fingers and rub some new oil on the filters o-ring.Tighten the oil filter. Step 8 : Wipe off visible oil on the filter and drain bolt area. Re-install plastic cover Step 9 : Remove Jacks, Wood blocks and Jackstands. Step 10 : Pour in 4.7 Litres of new engine oil (use a funnel it helps), turn on the car and let it run for a couple minutes. Check for leaks, add additional oil until the oil level is centered (between low and high) on the dipstick.
  10. Nissan Dealer in Coleford, gloucestershire P1 Service £125
  11. Thinking about taking my Zed for an oil change however I've done all my other cars on my own. I have an import. Does anyone know where the sump and oil filter is? Plus the recommended oil to use? Thanks for your feed back.
  12. Useful KM/L to MPG convertor: http://www.euronet.nl/users/grantm/frans/fuel.html





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