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  1. Hi Guys, I stupidly left my 2003 350z sat for a few months while I've been out enjoying my 370z Nismo.... but now I cant get in the bloody thing. Despite starting it every couple of days and leaving it running for half hour the battery is now dead and despite copious amounts of WD40 in the door lock I can't get it to turn. I tried an auto locksmith but he has said they're notoriously hard to get into and couldn't guarantee access. Next step is probably to try to find someone to help get some power to the starter motor so I can use the remote fob or a brick! Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks Mike
  2. Hi Alex, Any chance you have a wing mirror door card switch for an 03 DE? Type with the mirror adjuster and the mirror close button? Thanks Mike
  3. Hi All, After a few bits to sort my aging Zed (2003 DE engined). Steering rack, must be leak and play free. Bank 1. Drivers, O/side Catalytic convertor. I’m throwing P0420 (not sensors) in good working order, low milleage a plus. Cheers Mike
  4. Had mine 10 years, not a first car... But I’’ve helped these stats, been rear ended twice, both at low speed in traffic
  5. 136k on my 03. Timing chain rattle started at about 115k and needed doing (it was stretched and under no tension by time it was replaced). One cat needs replacing, my fault for running it with slack chain i think. Rusty Rear anti roll bar and leaking Steering rack advisory in last MOT. The next jobs....
  6. Cheers Guys you've echoed my thoughts exactly. Good to know about grommet/ inspection hole. I might go for a new clutch and fly anyway and get it all done at once. The bite is getting a little high and the clatter on shut off is annoying. Will put back buying a decent everyday runner another few months though Ewen I'll give you guys a shout once I hear back from Nissan
  7. '000's Quite a common fault then Seriously though I've been searching for days Alex. All say the same (As with any hydraulic clutch), it'll either need a bleed, new fluid or Slave/Master cylinder and hose need changing which I've communicated to Nissan but they are saying different. Main question is "Is it possible to diagnose a broken clutch arm without GB being taken off? " The cars an old late 03 DE done 104,000 mixed mileage.
  8. Hi Guys, A little advice needed please guys My clutch pedal dropped to the floor the other day. Changing up from 5th to 6th the pedal dropped leaving me in neutral at ahem* motorway speeds. Pedal is on the floor but can be pulled up easily and only goes back when you push it but doesnt engage the clutch. My local Nissan stealers reckon its a GB off job, needing a new clutch arm- which they say has broken, clutch kit and fly @ £3.5k- but happy if I supply parts. That seems a bit extreme, current clutch has done 60k I'd have thought either the slave/ master cylinder has gone (Has been a little leakage recently from behind front passenger wheel which I put down to excessive AC use). Is it possible to diagnose the arm issue without GB being taken off? is it worth swapping out the cylinders/ hose just in case? I do get a little diesel style clatter on shut off so thinking clutch could do with a swap out at some point soon anyway. I do a mix of motorway and city miles (With city miles in traffic) so guess I'll stick with a DM Fly. Any advice greatly appreciated! Cheers Mike
  9. Hi all After a year of random misfires (now fixed) my cats are ruined. So looking for a pair of low milleage std cats or hfc's. I drive 100 miles a day so don't want anything too noisey though (despite knowing id love it). Cheers Mike





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