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  1. I have a complete exhaust lying around it is not in excelent condition but you can have it for £100 collected. I am in Northamptonshire.
  2. Chris, didn't you mention something about the steering not being straight when you got the car, and you altered it? Just wondering as this might be your problem??
  3. Thanks buddy, that worked a treat.
  4. I haven't found a decent R8 forum, besides that I have been hanging around here for a long time so it's hard to say goodbye
  5. Hi can anyone help me set this as my profile picture please?
  6. She is looking great Chris, I am really pleased that she has gone to a good home! CS did supply the wheels, I would really recommend getting them from him if you are going to buy some, great customer service and extremely helpful (even after all my questions). I wouldn't spend the extra cash on Weds, the Kei's turn heads wherever you go and one of the best upgrades I made to the car (in my opinion).
  7. Just a thought, but didn't the first UK Zeds start in 2004? I know this looks like a UK car, but just wondered.
  8. I have a set which I was going to put up for sale on here.
  9. My Zed is going this Friday however, I will be hanging around too, some nice people on here
  10. I will be over the moon, its just the hassle of getting everything set up for the car to be available on Friday that is doing my head in.
  11. The car has been cleaned, but will be fully cleaned again on Thursday as I live on a farm and it gets dusty quickly. I am glad that it is going to a good home, and staying on the forum. I am really sorry to see her go, but the replacement will cheer me up
  12. I would think he might do that
  13. Hi guys, It seems like the car has been sold (with the mods), I am just glad that it will be going to a good home
  14. I will have to leave the coilovers on it too, I don't have the original springs and can't be bothered to change them anyway.





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