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  1. This surely comes under discrimination laws if there are any spaces left would love to tag on but wouldn't want to steal a place from a zed Sorry its a zed only meet, but you could hitch a lift if someone as one going?Or if you could hire a zed for a weekend. no worries, not going to hitch a lift - being a passenger is soooooooo boring!
  2. +1 Shall we have a sub-forum for bankrupt Monaro owners? I'm resigned to owning this money pit to the day the doors fall off. I told the OH that I see the montly rental income as a means to support the Monaro.... :eek:
  3. This surely comes under discrimination laws if there are any spaces left would love to tag on but wouldn't want to steal a place from a zed
  4. you think you got it bad? I'm litterally throwing £££ out the window every ferkin day in depreciation. As soon a I start the car up, Shell shares rise a point.
  5. As for niggles I always found my seats great unless I was wearing a suit, in which case it was like I was sitting on an oil slick!!!
  6. Would a foreigner be permitted as I think I'd like to pop along to this one
  7. I dont understand that you coudl do 220 without knowing
  8. I dont understand that you coudl do 220 without knowing
  9. Modern turbos are much the same tbh you dont get that rush because they can be so linear now with variable boost etc. On the celica you will get the rush as it suddenly spools which gives the feeling of speed, same as turbo diesels often feel much punchier than they actually are! The zed also cacoons you into it and there certainly is less feeling of speed in relation to how fast you are going. Jesus I want mine back, anyone want to swap for the ro?!?
  10. sorry to hear of this- makes me mad After a lightning strike caused my chimney to explode over my then car, Chipsaway did such a good job you would never have known it was touched
  11. as said the zed is very smooth and linear with its delivery, the GT4/Leon are like old school turbos nothing nothing, wham, change gear. Also the FWD in the leon adds to the feel of speed as it simply doesnt put it down like a real car should Gearing everything comes into it. The Zed is a GT car over anything else and a fantastic one at that, very fast just without any of the drama. As a package car I have failed yet to find one that matches the Zed as a total package. The m3 is nowhere near as close for overall ownership and the zed outhandles/brakes it. Ultimately the zed is let down by the lack of rear space (though we managed 2 week tour of France comfortabely) and the older ones did suffer from a lack of top end rush (compared to the m car). What you do get when you get a Zed is probably the best car in its class/price bracket. That of course will sound biased due to being an ex owner but I became an owner for a good reason and regretted becoming an ex-owner the day I sold it! If you want the urgency of power take a look at other cars in the same price bracket such as the Monaro (hehe not going to try and flog mine in this thread) as they are phenominal cars for the price, however, from factory you do need to do some modifications to get it where it should be. The zed came from the factory as well set up as anyone could have wanted.
  12. hagar

    VQ35DE Rev Up

    hehe, when I was selling my zed I took a 296 version out and it certainly reved and pulled stronger than mine (which was no slouch either), the exhaust timing really helped the revs climb quicker (it felt)
  13. hagar

    Driveway news

    hey up, yeah I bought a Smart but I sold that last year to get an X-type for the day to day run around. If I sold the ro I'd probably go for a convertible or possibly a clasic but lack of garage now would put me off getting a classic. Issue is after the ro there is next to no cars out there for the price that have the oomph. I'd fancy a 350z convertible tbh as I seriously miss mine
  14. me too though I only found this place after some time. 3 years after buying the zed and 2 years after selling it I'm still regretting every second as the car is so well rounded
  15. why not take one out for a test drive then trial it on the drive?





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