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  1. Howdy and welcome from Gloucester!
  2. Ooo Worcester is a nice drive and only about 30 minutes from me in Gloucester! Trying to give my Zed some TLC and enjoy it again after being off the road for 2 years!
  3. Thanks - I've tried to keep it as stock as possible - except for the rim colouring, fibre cover on front lip and a cobra exhaust! Oh and the stubby aerial! 😅
  4. Thanks! Great to see still an active community!
  5. And the car this time too - albeit a colddddd morning!
  6. I used to be a member and engaged, life got busy and for the life of me I couldn't find / recall my old account - so here I am re-signed up with a new account. Used to live around Reading, now out in Gloucester. Glad to be back!
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