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  1. +37255562274 Please pm me on WhatsApp/Telegram, will try to help to identificate it and if possible, will help u
  2. Possible reasons: 1) head unit fault 2) GPS antenna / wiring fault 3) Any add-on device connected to the system may make some noises for GPS signal 4) Video in motion bypass devices may make noises for GPS signal 5) Imported car made for another region
  3. Hi! Yes, it is the OEM Nissan system and ALL the factory functions will work + you will get the new functions We designed the special wiring harness, so you install it w/o the car's wiring cut and if you will sell your car, you can remove it, install the old one and resell our kit
  4. Nissan 370Z (2018) The car was imported from the USA to Europe ❗ As this is the U.S. car, the multimedia system doesn't have navi maps of Europe, full radio range, European languages ⚙️ We converted the system to a European version and now for customers available: ✅ Navi maps of 42 European countries ✅ Full radio range ✅ 8 European languages ✅ Voice guidance in all the available languages ✅ DVD region change ✅ We made a video in motion bypass (you will be able to watch videos while driving, the picture will not be blocked) ✅ Can do the same conversion for any produce country car for any region (Japan = > Europe, Japan => the USA, Europe => the USA, the USA => Europe, Japan => Australia and New Zealand, etc)
  5. This kit is based on the 08IT Clarion hardware, the same system is installed in 2010+ 370z with max. trim levelPossible to do this upgrade on any specs and trim level (if your 370z doesn't have a sat-nav/touchscreen display, you will get it) Here is the example with Skyline V36 https://youtu.be/UjnjKVcWqIA What will you get:️️⚙ The same system as in 370z 2011+ (max. trim level)️️⚙ Plug&Play installing using the exclusive wiring harness, no need to cut the car's wiring️️⚙ OEM equipment️️⚙ Latest map data with Birdview function️️⚙ Voice guidance️️⚙ Voice recognition️️⚙ Using this upgrade we can do the conversion (example: You bought JDM 370z but you live in the UK, after this upgrade you will get the UK specs system)️️⚙ Available the versions for the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia & New Zealand,️️⚙ If you have the system w/o satnav and touchscreen, you will get it️️⚙ USB input for playing audio and video files️️⚙ Bluetooth Audio️️⚙ Possibility to connect add-on devices (Android unit, TV box, MirrorLink etc)️️⚙ Possibility to connect the cameras if your car doesn't have it️️️️⚙ You don't lose any functionality (BOSE, cameras. etc)The price depends on your car's config (the lower trim level, more equipment is needed, the price is higher)To get the price you have to do the next:PM me here or via the contacts below, send me a photo of your system when it is turned on, provide me with the info on what region version do you need, what is the domestic market of your car (was it imported or not), year of your carfacebook.com/xanavi.netInstagram.com/xanavi_eng+37255562274 WhatsApp/Viber/Telegramxanavi.eng@gmail.com
  6. Hello everyone! Many thanks for adding me! Well, we work with Nissan&Infiniti models only, and now started work with Chinese EV cars We don't work with Toyota, Subaru, VW, etc. only Nissan&Infiniti because we think it's better to cover fewer brands but to refine everything to the ideal, we do the work as for ourselves. I am very glad that we have started working with this forum, we will add posts to our personal thread very soon, but in the meantime you can ask your questions if there are any. Have a nice day to everyone, see you soon
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