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  1. I did have a look, and sent an email but no reply so far. they seem to have a bracket that matches the part number but I’m not sure if the parts are interchangeable to swap into it, if it is the right size for example.
  2. Hi all, I have picked up a JDM rear bumper but I don’t have the shorter light and button assembly for the smaller number plate recess, I understand it’s possible to modify the bumper to fit the EU spec one but I would prefer it to be a proper fit if possible. Ive been scouring the webs and can’t seem to find one (I might not be using the right name) so if anyone has one or knows where to get one that I wouldn’t have to sell my soul for I would really appreciate it 😉 Thanks
  3. Hi all, this looks like it could be quite fun, and with camping too. Is anyone here planning on going and will there be a club stand? cheers 🤙🏽
  4. Must have popped in to watch the F1 sprint race but seen it round a few times now
  5. Great first meet with this club, met some great people, thanks for organising 👌🏼
  6. If it were me I think I’d try but then online today just incase. you should get emailed the tickets and info so can use that on your phone for entry, unless he’s showing or wanting track time then you need to print loads of stuff out. Hope this helps 😉🤙🏽
  7. Anyone doing track time, do you know if a screen shot of the check code from from the DVLA is enough or does it need printing? seems a little odd to just print a code if so that’s all.. cheers 🤙🏽
  8. F**k that! Luckily only a 15/20min drive home for my 😉
  9. Ah, I did wonder if that would be the case, thanks 🤙🏽
  10. Where do we get the visible club stand tags? I only have the E tickets through Eventbrite.. It is my first show with the club, also I’m pretty close to Silverstone but will be going in from the Oxford side of the A43, if anyone else is going that way it would be good to meet up and convoy in
  11. That’s a shame, it’s the first time I’ve been but think I’ll definitely try get up there more, would be good to finally start meeting up with more Z owners. the photos popping up from the JDM night look good on Instagram too
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