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  1. Shame buddy. Yeah definitely fingers crossed for next month. I'll update here on what I find for this month. Also like Ballistic said, if it's a no-go we could even be the guys to try to resurrect it. Awesome, just to confirm I am still going. Hopefully see you in a few hours mate.
  2. Hey Gary, great to meet you at Ace Cafe last week. Cheers for telling it to me straight and making me realise I was obsessing a bit much on my paintwork. As well done and professionally taken these photos are, I'm sure your guys are all aware, pictures don't do anything full justice. This car really is a sight to behold in the flesh. I'll be going to more meets this year so hope to see you again soon mate.
  3. Don't know but seeing as I'm only around half 20 minutes away I'm going to check it out anyway. As quoted above: "Middle floor, Plaza car park (yellow) from 7:30", I'll be there this Friday (11th June) and if no one turns up by half 8 then I'll hit the food court and turn back. Hot food in my belly is worth it enough for the trip, hahaha.
  4. Yeah definitely a great day. My first car meet. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.
  5. Thanks a lot for the warm welcomes everyone, can't wait to get stuck in.
  6. Well presented video there. Is the plenum spacer something that would also benefit the HR? If so is the installation the same?
  7. Hi guys I'm Richard and I thought I'd finally Introduce myself after becoming a (not so) proud owner of a blue '04 350Z back in 2018, only to find out that it needed £2.5K to take it out of limp mode that occurred 3 months in. The mechanics recommended against the repairs as the chassis was completely rusted through and determined a potential cut and shut. Ultimately sold for parts. I was a first time car buyer and probably made every rookie mistake in the book. Having done my due diligence, I am now a (very) proud owner of a bone stock Carbon Silver '58 HR 350Z with nothing more
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