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  1. Ive just asked them what there plans are as been 2 weeks since last spoke with them about it as they weren't sure what was going on then
  2. If it still goes ahead if its ok with every1 else your welcome to my space Was really looking forward to the show as been busy building the car over the last few month ready for this as didnt want to be the car that lets the group down as some amazing quality of cars going but ill be there 100% next year or if is postponed when ever that is
  3. Unfortunatly i dont think im going to be able to make it along to the show(if it still goes ahead) currently in hospital with a collapsed lung and was meant to be doing last few bits to car this weekend so is ready to be painted but thats gone out the window now and they have said they might to to operate on me so will mean more time i wont be able to work on the car. If there is any1 that wants to take my place im happy for them to but if its postponed i should be able to have it sorted Sorry for letting you all down but isnt anything i can do why im here





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