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  2. Okay sweet, when i get home tonight ill buy a ticket if theres still room on the stand?
  3. Do i just buy a ticket for this stand or do i need to be a memebr of this club to add?
  4. Do you have any of these left? I need some white ones for my 350z 06 GT
  5. Hehe, Maybe after Xmas! Thanks guys!
  6. Any discount as its x-mas? Will do! Thanks for this!
  7. Thanks for this! Corrrr there not cheap for a bit of plastic!
  8. On my 06 GT with Sat nav, i have a DVD player slightly behind the drivers seat which holds the map data disc. Im assuming the brains for the sat nav are in that box as it seems a bit big to be a stand alone DVD drive for maps however it was 2006 tech....
  9. Hi Guys, Iv got a 06 GT Azure Blue 350z and im going for a Blue and white theme. Iv noticed the headlights have 4 little orange LED's in the corner of the headligh housing. House do i change the colour of these? I would like to swap them to white. Please see below image to help explain. The LED's are highlighted in the red circle.
  10. Cool thanks Davey! I cant find a post about it, do you have a link?
  11. Hey these look epic! Do you still sell these? If so can you spray them gloss white???
  12. Hi Guys, I have a Azure Blue 350z GT 06 and im looking to go for a Blue/White theme with the car. The orange reflectors are annoying me. Iv seen cars with white ones but can't find any! All i can find is LED ones which im not really after, Does anyone have any plane white ones or know where i can get them?
  13. Thanks Veeg33, Do you know if just a normal headunit could fit in the space?
  14. Hi Guys, Im a new 350z owner and have just purchased mine. ITs a 2006 GT with the sat nav. As we all know the sat nav is quite dated now and can only have up to 2013 map data. Is there anything that can be done with that space? Have people put updated devices in there? If so is there anything i can buy to make the upgrade a bit easier. Not the greated and technical stuff so im looking for something that can be bolted in. Looking forward to your replies and possibly a meet up or two soon.
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