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  1. Hey guys, Managed to fit a new hub and wheel to my car last night and plugged in the resistor for the airbag. Start the car and notice the airbag light is on, so put the car in to diagnostic mode and figured out that it's blinking error code 12. I've had a browse online but not found a definitive answer as to what it could be, some people mention that it could be related to the clock spring? If so could someone please confirm? Ran OBD error check but nothing appears to be in the memory related to air bags. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, I've bought a couple of manifold sensors for my DE but can't seem to find where they actually plug in. Traced the cables and it looks as if they run in to a harness up within the engine bay. Can someone enlighten me as to where they actually go?!
  3. Welcome! I'm in Edinburgh and 6'2 with no problems at all.
  4. Thanks Davey, Will take a look this morning.
  5. Hey guys, I've got a couple of error codes (P1031 and P1051) on my 04 350. Been researching online and have seen a couple of people mention that there is a fuse within the IPDM which can be checked? I've seen diagrams for other NIssan models but not for the 350. Checking with you guys before heading out to buy another couple of sensors! Cheers
  6. Would love to have a go at it.. It seems so expensive though, would rather put it towards some tasty mods
  7. Hey guys, planning on seeing a 350 this weekend and found this place to be really helpful. Name is Fraser and hail from Edinburgh. Owned a few different marques however never a Nissan. Always loved the look of the 350 so here's hoping all goes well .



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