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  1. Hey guys, just seen this posted regards this show. Doesn’t look good which is a real shame
  2. I haven’t had them fitted no mate! It does sit really nice, and I haven’t had any form of rubbing. My only issue has been how low the exhaust sits at its lowest point, and that will scrape on speed bumps if I go over dead central!
  3. Hi guys, Not posted for a while, since I got the car actually, and I’ve made a fair few changes since then! So I got the car completely standard in January 2020, and I knew it wouldn’t be long till I made some changes. Courtesy of Tarmac Sportz, the car got lowered 30mm on H&R springs, and also had 25mm JR spacers fitted you finish it off, and have the car sitting the way I wanted. During the same visit, they also fitted an Invidia N1 catback exhaust, which not only looks great, but sounds great too! I was really happy with the car, it had a bit of an OEM+ feel to it. But, I didn’t feel it was quite enough! So, another visit to Tarmac Sportz and just before COVID-19 put the country in lockdown, I collected their front lip, side skirt extensions, side window louvres and rear bumper spats. I had to wait until they opened again though to have it fitted, so after waiting a couple of months they got me straight in. This parts I feel really give the car a new aggressive feel to it. The car looks sleek before, but now it looks like it wants to go racing Am I happy? Yes, very much so. But now I feel as if something is missing from the rear... I am having a spoiler sorted, but that can go in a future thread update! During lockdown there hasn’t really been a great to do, so I started wrapping some interior parts, firstly in Pearl Metallic Black, and then some Carbon Fibre. Whilst I’m new to wrapping, I don’t think I did the worst job ever, but I’m now planning on having it all hydro-dipped in carbon fibre by a friend. Last thing I’ve had done is a caliper colour change from the standard black. Whilst my aim for this car is to be fairly stealthy, black out everything, I felt the calipers needed to stand out. What better colour to do this, than Porsche Acid Green! It really adds something to the car, and I’m properly chuffed I went for the colour Some small bits I’ve done as well are: R35 GTR start button Rear Wiper delete LED reverse lights (incredibly bright!) Diadem Indicators (ordered, need fitting) Rear window tint (5%) Mishimoto Gear Knob (Sponsor Purchase) What’s next? Well, I have loads of plans, but once my spoiler is done I think I’ll be getting the wheels refurbished in gloss black. I do have more planned, but could be a while before much happens after that! I do have some decat pipes to get fitted after MOT as well Whilst I may not be the most active on here, I’ll certainly help anyone who has any questions about my car! I’ve also put my pictures from the day I got it home, right until a recent trip to Lady Bower Reservoir! Standard: After the first trip to Tarmac Sportz: After the springs had settled: New start button: Just a nice photo!: Last visit to Tarmac: Much better than black calipers! Trip to Lady Bower:
  4. 1. 14N - 370Z - Yellow - **** 14N - PAID 2. RY4N - 350Z - Red - **** AAV - PAID 3. Ka.370z - Black Rose Convertible - ****KMZ - PAID 4. Valy - 370Z - Black - ****LNO - PAID 5. AmyZed - 350Z - **** AMY - PAID 6. Silk - 350Z - Midnight Blue - ****NCL - PAID 7. G1en - Battle Scarred Black 350Z - **** VBK - PAID 8. Andy_Muxlow - 350Z - Silver. ***MUX - PAID 9. Nismoandy - 350z - silver *** FNX - PAID 10. SHEZZA - 350Z - Black - ** MAS - PAID 11. Vallis10 - 370Z - Black - *** NJV - PAID 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Just a heads up that i am due knee surgery but have no confirmed date for this, so there could be a chance that my space becomes available closer to the time. Very surprised they didn't ask for any details upon booking?
  5. Just needs a damn good clean!
  6. I haven’t no, other than not being sure if I like it I’ve changed it already, might keep the other for shows only!
  7. I’m in two minds with a lot of styling aspects, I’ve always wanted to do black and gold like one of my cars in the past, but unsure whether to do the standard wheels gold... also, unsure if red pinstriping works with gold so many choices, so little money!
  8. I’ve had spacers on cars in the past and I’ve never had any issues, as long as you don’t buy cheap, and mainly hear horror stories about spacers with longer extended bolts! I also haven’t even polished it or waxed it yet haha!
  9. Just thought I’d re-introduce myself, after owning a near full Veilside 350z, I sold it and went back French to a Liquid Yellow R26 Megane. I thought it would be better all round, but I missed my Z too much, the relaxed driving style but all the noise! So I decided to upgrade, believe it or not got myself a decent example from Junction 17 motors within budget, yes it could of had better prep before sale but the car is mechanically sound and honest! I've already made some changes courtesy of Tarmac Sportz, with Chris, Bob and George looking after it. It’s now: Lowered 30mm on H&R Springs 25mm JR wheel spacers Invidia N1 cat back exhaust system I love it, might get sports cats or even decat down the line, but she’s sitting pretty. Might get some exterior parts done, but I can’t lie, not far off being the way I want it already! i’m wanting to attend shows this year, Supercar Fest is booked, and I’m due to book Japfest’s and Trax events shortly. Many more planned but need to see I can get it off with work! I’m based in Derby, would be great to see who’s local, and also what other shows people are going to!
  10. Hi guys, I’m looking at booking my shows for this year, and I was wondering if the club are attending this event in Belgium, it’s a tag on event to the one in the UK in August. If the club aren’t going I’ll need to arrange something else, but I really want a holiday so yeah I’m recently back in the Z scene after selling my 350z, now in a 370z!
  11. 1. andy James PAID 2. Andrew_Muxlow PAID 3. SHEZZA PAID 4. Vallis10 PAID 5.
  12. Hi mate, Agreed most boot spoilers will wobble but mine is on another level. It’s also broken where the blade screws into the legs! For that reason I won’t be selling it on, and all the laquer is peeling off The spoiler you’ve sent won’t wobble anywhere near as much as this one, doesn’t look so tall and with it having wider legs should be more secure. I also think it would look quite nice on a mostly standard car!
  13. Sorry for late reply, some reason didn’t get a notification you’d replied, plus I’ve been away at the Nurburgring! My car is Kuro Black, and it’s meant to be the only ‘proper’ black colour for the 350z. The bumper is the same colour as the car and doesn’t miscoloured so all should be good! Let me know if you’re still interested!
  14. I don’t have any specific pictures of the chip at the moment, been at work all day but can grab some tomorrow! Yeah only reason for me getting rid is not being a fan of the look, I prefer the standard bumper with a diffuser underneath. It does sit a bit off from the exhaust but I’m 90% sure that it’s the exhaust not sitting right. Where are you based?
  15. Hi mate, only thing with the bumper is a slight chip at the bottom on the passenger side. I haven’t got any pictures of it but would be interested in a swap? What’s the condition of your bumper?





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