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  1. Thank you for the offer. Unfortantly, I need the size as I Yea I planned to do this but someone has rounded the screwhead so would need to break it out. Peter
  2. Thank you for the offer. Unfortantly, I need the size as I am putting in a 1/8 water temp sensor and want to make it look OEM. Peter
  3. Hi all, does anyone know what size and thread the bleed plug (plastic bolt) that sits in the coolant pipe feed to the heater matrix is please ? Thanks,
  4. Hello, I will be changing my gearbox over the summer as the synchro is on its way out. While I have it all apart I feel it is a perfect time to change the clutch, flywheel, fork pivot ball, slave cylinder etc. Also, fit my braided clutch line and potentially stiffen the diff mounts. Gearbox currently has a diy hardened mount. Questions: - What is the full list of items I should change (additional to the above) ? - Any recommendations, brand, type (hardened / OEM) ? - Will I need any specialist tools to remove/refit ? I do not want to spend the earth ! My car is mainly used on track and looking for strong parts. Car has the usual UpRev mods etc. Peter
  5. Hi, yes that would be perfect to understand how many and bolt length. I currently have a box of 10x pucks, with 10mm hole in center ready to go!! My main concern with the pucks is the amount of heat that the engine and exhaust manifolds give off and how long the pucks would last before cracking/splitting. I have read other cars such as rx7, s13 having hockey puck engine mounts for several years and no issues. Peter
  6. Brilliant response, this made me chuckle Well, if any "red necks" out there that have tried this mod (I also understand it is popular in the drift scene) let me know as it is considerably cheaper than purchasing aftermarket mounts.
  7. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has replaced their engine mounts with hockey pucks? if so, how does it change the feel of the car and how many pucks did you use I use my 350z 95% of the time on the track so I dont mind some extra noise in the car. Peter
  8. Hi! I found this on eBay and thought it might be of interest to someone - doesnt seem to be many on ebay Nissan 350Z 3.5 V6 DE Engine VQ35DE http://r.ebay.com/VVFNYr
  9. Welcome...! I have a spare one if you are interested... it is silver too. Pm me
  10. Welcome.. wow that is very low mileage!!
  11. Welcome... looks smart! I spot an s14.... is that for track?
  12. pcartwright


    i believe the synchro in the CD09 gearbox is stronger than the 1Gen - i understand people have had issues with gear selection if i am mistake... please correct me
  13. if the engine cover is still available, is the white label able to be removed ? thanks
  14. Hi, is there one planned/being planned at Brands? it would be great to track with other 350z'
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