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  1. I'm looking for a Japspeed K2 exhaust back box, mine started resonating quite badly, probably something is broke inside.
  2. Hi Rob350, I would like to take the JWT sump spacer, PM sent.
  3. Hi guys, My Japspeed K2 back box rasping very badly, sounds like something broke inside and resonating loudly. As I'm not willing to replace any other part of my exhaust I'm looking for the same box.
  4. Hi guys, I need to find a roof/trunk rack solution for my 350Z, which would allow me to bring more than 2 wheels with myself to drift/track days. Unfortunately bringing a 2nd car with the additional wheels is not an option. I understand that there is no factory rack, but I'm looking for advice about any kind of tested/seen universal solution. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi guys, I have a mysterious issue with my 350Z, my clutch is slipping badly, but only in reverse gear. I never had a single slip in any forward gear, not in a traffic jam or when I was pushing the car hard, but in reverse gear even if I try to reverse with nearly zero throttle and I'm very gentle on the clutch pedal, I immediately hear the whining and in 3-4 seconds I smell the burning clutch. How is that possible? I believe I need to replace it as this is is definitely not normal... I have an unknown single mass flywheel and performance clutch fitted by one of the previous owner (no receipt about it unfortunately). Thanks for the ideas.
  6. Hi guys, I'm in the middle of the good old story (spark plug tube seal replacement) which just became twisted and I'm looking for some help/advices. I bought a DIY kit from Torquen, this is pretty standard I think, but: - the service manual says (EM-97, number 9 on the picture, see the attachment) the spark plug tubes needs to be replaced after every disassembly - also I had the same advice from ZMANALEX (to replace the spark plug tubes) which I bought already from Nissan My problem is that I can't remove the tubes, and the service manual doesn't say a word about the tube replacement, so I have no idea what/how should I do. Anyone has any experience with this? Thanks.
  7. Gabor

    spare key

    Don't know yet, the replacement Micra key which I bought from ebay is arrived, I'm just waiting for the blank blade and I'll give it to my local cutter, then I'll test
  8. Gabor

    spare key

    Wow guys, thanks for this, to be honest it sounds too good to be true but I'll definitely give it a try. I already bought a 2nd hand OEM Micra key on ebay, we'll see
  9. Hey guys, thanks a lot for the responses, it was really helpful. Unfortunately I don't have too much time spend on the car but slowly things are started happening. I'm updating this thread with the solutions for anyone who reads this in the future. Following both advices I spoke with the closest dealership (Ancaster Shepperton) about the missing locking wheel nut key, and surprisingly they didn't started making problems about the missing keycard, so I just drove to them where they opened the magic master key box and after 2 minutes they know which key needed to be ordered, it costed me 18 quid and problem sorted About the broken front strut bar thread, after some investigating I figured out that I would have no access to the nut from below, because the base plate for the front strut bar is just an extra plate welded on the top of the chassis, so there is no physical access to the nut at all. I had no other choice but grabbing my multi-tool and cutting off the head of the bolt, it worked, the strut bar is off now, but finding a complete fix is a different story for the future. Following the tip KyleR gave me about the rocker cover I just ended at ordering the Torquen kit which looks the best solution available (meanwhile I found it in the pinned topics as well). Thanks to ZMANALEX for the extra advice about the spark plug tube. He told me I should replace it as well, because if the spark plug tube is worn the new seal would not help and it would still leak oil. It absoultely makes sense (it's the same logic as a motorcycle telescope + it's seal) and luckily the spark plug tube is very cheap (4 quid each from Nissan), so I already ordered 6 of it from Nissan for 24 quid in total. Even if mines are in perfect order, 24 quid is well worth for me to make sure the fix will be perfect and I didn't need to disassemble the whole intake again (which is quite painful).
  10. Gabor

    spare key

    Thanks mate, this was really helpful, I'll proceed with your list
  11. Gabor

    spare key

    Hi guys, My recently bought 350Z unfortunately came with only one key (5+ previous owners...) Nissan quoted me 250 quid, which is crazy in my opinion. Anyone knows a better solution?
  12. PM sent for the 1st knob if it's not sold yet.
  13. Hey mate, are these still available?
  14. Hi Adrian, how can I have one of these kits? Thanks.
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