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  1. Cheers bud! Not a clue on cams! I dont think external ones are allowed though. Think suction mount ones are advised to have a second teather too. Oh hell yeah. My first ever lap was in an absolute storm in a little mk2 mx5 haha! I think you can get relatively competent in the dry but the wet and variations in grip is just insane. I normally just end up skidding about when it rains haha...
  2. I friken adored this car so much. Really do want another ASAP! I spent a lot of time setting the car up and it just made it such a joy to pedal...
  3. Fantastic stuff mate. Really is a brilliant car and a build I have really enjoyed following. Plans sound next level!
  4. Ahhh mate, hope not. I recently sold mine and regretted it like crazy :(.
  5. Cheers guys, Yeah would be such a tough call to make and hopefully I can get away with building another 350z and keep the MK too but although the Kit car is amazing to drive, on the flip side, it is so difficult to live with. It spends most of the year laid up in the garage and I can't help think my money would be better invested in a more usable toy. The main plus point to it is for the performance it really is unbelievably cheap to run! Thanks for the kind words regarding vids, I have really let them slip over last few moths with the kiddo arriving. Have loads of Nurburgring vids to upload along with a whole series on turboing an mx5 and drift matsuri in a v8 Nissan Laurel haha. Your 370z is mega btw. That spec list is absolutely dreamy. Regardless of what I do, I know I ned another Z!
  6. Hey Guys, Thought it only right to finally post up what went on over the last few months. I sold my 350z.................... and friken regret it. As I watched it drive off I really did feel ill. Just had to get a sensible daily with 4 seats for our little daughter but as time has gone on I am now realising it was never really required, we just use the Mrs car as the 'family wagon' sigh. I put so much effort into the 350z and i friken adored it. THE SINGLE BEST ALL ROUNDER I HAVE EVER HAD. Ended up buying a 3 series e92 daily and building a little turbo mx5 (yes i needed two cars to replace what I had lost in the 350z)... The turbo mx5 is mega fun BUT i can't lie.... I want another 350z. I am going to enjoy the turbo mx5 over winter then look at selling both the MK (kit car) and Turbo MX5 with a view to build an all out 350z track car and keep the bmw as sensible daily. Live and learn hey! The only redeeming thing is I got very strong money for my 350z so no real loss other than my time.
  7. Ahhh amazing stuff mate!! Will be heading over early next year now. Been a little full on over last few months.
  8. Haha I am a complete idiot but meh makes things a little more hectic and interesting! The new Mx5 came up for such a great price and we had been collecting the parts to supercharge our black mx5 that instead I was just better off selling the black one and progressing with the new silver one that was already done! So some method behind the madness! Have driven slick on the MX5s and wow, the real difference I felt was under braking and turn in. That and you can get them for £60 a full set make them uber cost effective! I do wonder how they will feel on such a light and edgy car such as the MK mind! Bloody love the Cat & Fiddle. I am only 15/20mins drive from there so it's my go to road in the summer evenings. The cameras have calmed me down which isn't a bad thing really! Plus the laybys are in positions where you can easily split the run into two and do as you please . Gone are the days of absolute hooning the Integra DC2 up there back nigh on ten years ago now!
  9. Will get the series of Vids up asap! Delayed a bit with life getting in the way, not a bad thing mind! Been toying with the idea of selling up recently. Baby due in August and running costs of three 'track cars' and not one car suitable for transporting a baby I thought it wise to get smart and buy a luggy cheap 4 door to replace the Nissan. I just can't seem to part with the damn 350z though! Every time I have a spirited drive or clean the damn thing and see it gleaming I just damn adore it!!! The Mrs now has a Seat Altea eco bus so that does the family stuff but I cant help but feel like a bit of an idiot haha! On that note, a new toy arrived last week. Supercharged MX5 MK2.5 . Was on ebay for a bargain so had to get it! So this now replaces my old mk2 Avacado MX5... Eaton superchargeer, Stand alone ECU, intercooler, lip, 3 sets of wheels (slicks, semis and wets), motordrive seats, half cage, harnesses blah blah blah.... MK is now ready for summer track days. Got some Formula Renault slicks to run on it this season . Quick vid i posted the other day from the GP sessions and hounding a 911 gt3 ...
  10. Those wheels are perfect Yus! Need to book on Anglesey ASAP! I think it's my fav track actually! Yeah that 3.9 FD is excellently judged. I think any more and you are limiting it's use a bit. Would love a passenger in your car when we finally get on a track day together, feel it could cost me a sh*t tonne and confirm what i have said I needed to do all along haha!
  11. Thanks bud! Hehe I LOVE that road! Still remember 10 years ago battering it up and down in my Integra DC2. Luckily I live close by too! Not the same these days but still very enjoyable! Took the drone up recently too>>
  12. Now the 350Z has served me well over the colder months with lot's of prep, track days and the annual Nur trip it's time to get cracking with the MK again through the summer! Great shakedown up the Cat and Fiddle last night, just got to get it in for Geo/Corner weight and have the slicks (off a Formula Renault) mounted before Oulton on 30th Jun and Cadwell 20th July. Aiming to get to Anglesey and Blyton soon too. Thought I would share a few of last nights pics>>
  13. Hehe! Bahhh I want to go back there right now!!! Yup normally the slowest things on track that then blast past at 120mph+ on the motorway on the way home haha!
  14. Such great fun! Skip to 1:50 for just the track footage
  15. YES! YES! YES! Awesome stuff mate! Properly love Anglesey. The 350 looks brilliant and properly makes me want to do the final drive even more than ever watching this! Nice driving there too! The track is glass smooth and really looks after you doesn't it! As for the understeer comments, Anglesey is widely regarded as an 'understeer track'. Always has been, so i wouldn't do anything drastic or think your setup is too front biased... it's just the nature of Anglesey. Part of the reason it eggs you on and is so confidence inspiring imho! Hope to see you at Dony soon. Just currently battling to get the MK ready at mo! I bought the 350z to fill a massive void the likes of a kit car can't fill, thinking it would give me two cars that compliment each other so well (MK and 350Z).... What's actually happened is the 350z has been that friken brilliant it's made me wonder if I can really be bothered to have so much money tied up in such an impractical car! As said it would be lovely to see more well used 350s on track! Currently debating with myself to whether i sell both MK and 350 for an Exige eek!





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