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  1. CEL VDC Slip lights on, no power

    No re calibrated the throttle yet. I'm going to leave the controller off and see how it goes and if the glitch doesn't happen again - I'll add it again and see what happens. The car isn't being used much at the moment so it'll take a while to work out of the issue has gone for good. I ran the controller for a few weeks without any issue and I can't see how changing a clutch would make any difference so it might have just been a weird day
  2. CEL VDC Slip lights on, no power

    Seems it's probably down to the D1 Spec throttle controller. Since I unplugged that it hasn't happened so I'll leave that off for good unless it happens again, then I might give it another go.
  3. CEL VDC Slip lights on, no power

    Ordered one of the code readers that @ZMANALEX recommended and No codes were found... Seems to have been an intermittent glitch since it hasn't happened again
  4. CEL VDC Slip lights on, no power

    Perfect, thanks - ordered!
  5. CEL VDC Slip lights on, no power

    Got a cheap code reader that tells me that no faults are logged on the ECU. Not convinced it has connected correctly but I also can't find definitive info about which OBD2 reader will work correctly on an import so going to have to keep looking. Links posted on other threads on this forum are no longer valid and model names were not mentioned...
  6. Can anyone help me identify this issue? My car is a 2005 Fairlady Z MT. So I just had my clutch and flywheel (Nismo Coppermix), slave cylinder, HEL braided hose and Motul fluid replaced and everything was fine. The clutch felt a little weird (felt like half of the pedal travel was just pedal spring tension and not engaging the clutch) so I had the garage re-bleed the clutch today just in case. When I picked the car up, I got about 500 metres down the road when the CEL VDC & SLIP lights came on and the car wouldn't rev. I actually thought it had stalled but the engine was at 4-500RPM but wouldn't rev - foot to the floor eventually got it to 1500-2000RPM where it wouldn't go higher. I turned the car off, restarted and no lights were on so I went back to the garage. We checked everything we could think of, including removing the D1 spec throttle controller and then tried to use their OBDII reader to check faults but it wouldn't connect. I attempted to leave thinking it was a weird one-off since everything felt fine now but then it happened again whilst reversing out of the garage. Having not been able to find a source, I've brought the car home (under a mile) and it drove fine on the way back with no lights. I did some googling and found USA posts that pointed to Cam position sensor but also coil packs and even after market headlights (mine are stock) so it's difficult to pin down. I had planned to drive a few hundred miles tomorrow but will now use my other car until I know what the problem is.
  7. My First Z - drift/track/fun car

    Nismo clutch and flywheel fitted. Car feels pretty great now, the flywheel isn't much lighter than stock so it's not drastically different to drive although the clutch feel is very different with the biting point being super low and not much happening until the pedal is totally pressed. I think I might change slave cylinder to a Stoptech at some point, but probably not if I can get used to the feel. Anyway, here's a shot of how the car sits now (same as before but I love the wheels :D) Next up will be installing the exhaust or new brake pads/discs and fluid. Need to have a look and see which pads and discs people recommend for street/track use. I messed up and missed out on getting tickets to Rockingham on the 24th but I'm on the reserve list and will go and take photos anyway
  8. My First Z - drift/track/fun car

    New Nismo clutch kit with lightened flywheel showed up today from Osaka! Will be installed on Wednesday along with new slave cylinder and clutch fluid... I also ordered a Tomei Expreme Ti which should show up in around a week or so with any luck. Going to leave stock cats and Y pipe on and see how I get on with the noise... and if I can get on track like that
  9. New Cat Back Exhaust Needed, Best Place To Go?

    Whilst I can't comment on the specific stuff you've seen... I've had fancy exhausts on cars over the years, I've also had cheap stuff. Some of the cheap stuff I had took so many hours to fit I WISHED I had paid for the expensive stuff that just fit first time. I understand that budget is a big factor in your decision, but I would spend your budget and get something reputable like the Cobra system mentioned by Chris above rather than gambling on ebay stuff that might be ok, or might be junk...
  10. My First Z - drift/track/fun car

    Fire me a PM with some photos and info/price when you can bud, I'm interested for sure
  11. What mod have you done today?

    Fitted my new wheels today. VERY happy with them, but need to lower the rear and probably roll the rear arches. Enkei NT03+M 18x9.5" ET27 front (+5mm spacer to clear Brembos) and 18x10.5" ET30 rear.
  12. My First Z - drift/track/fun car

    Fitted the new wheels on my Fairlady Z tonight! EnkeiNT03+M 18x9.5/10.5". I need to lower the rear a little more, but it's getting there! Deciding on a new exhaust now... Looks like I'll be in touch with Chris at @Tarmac@TarmacSportz once I decide what I want!
  13. My First Z - drift/track/fun car

    Did my first drift day yesterday. I have a lot to learn but I had a blast. Car was almost faultless apart from the clutch pedal sticking. I have a new clutch and flywheel on the way soon, and will change the clutch slave cylinder + install a braided clutch line that I already have, so that should sort it for next time.
  14. My First Z - drift/track/fun car

    Today I went to DynoTorque in Birmingham to have my KAAZ 2 way LSD installed by Craig. He's one of the top V8 guys in the UK, particularly the LS range and has even swapped one into an Z33... Once it was installed I had the SUPER boring break in session. Luckily the chaps at the NEC let me use their car park for 30 minutes of figure 8s at low speed to break in the diff. Glad that doesn't have to be repeated any time soon! When I got home I had a few packages waiting, firstly from Demon Tweeks - a Takata harness and fire extinguisher which should both be installed tomorrow, along with the seat. My new Advan AD08Rs arrived - 245/40/18 front and 265/40/18 rear. And finally my wheels arrived from Tire Rack in the USA... well, the rears have at least - still waiting to find out when the fronts arrive. It COULD be tomorrow, probably next week. Enkei NT03+M 18x10.5 ET30 for the rear. Fronts will be 18x9.5 ET27. I've always wanted a set of these, and couldn't help but drool when I unboxed them! I went out for a drive to test the car today and it looks like my clutch isn't going to last the day on Monday at Rockingham so now I'm in a bit of a rush to find a solution...
  15. My First Z - drift/track/fun car

    HSD Monopro Coilovers are now on, along with the harness bar and new engine and gearbox oil. I haven't decided on a final ride height yet because I need to wait until the new wheels are fitted.