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  1. Hot Crackers

    Carbon Fibre Mines Style Lip

    Ha ha! I mean oh dear that's not the way that's supposed to look. I hope you didn't have to leave it like that for to long. Im a mechanic and I use it for everything and anything. We go through tubes and tubes of it for the reason that when it goes on its very hard to get off. Used on paint work it is almost always going to end in paint being ruined if you want to reverse what you've stuck on. One thing I would say is it becomes a bit more pliable when heated up.
  2. Hot Crackers

    Carbon Fibre Mines Style Lip

    Ha! Just pray you don't need to take it off for any reason. I reckon you could be towed up a hill off the front lip if this stuff was used in fitment!
  3. Hot Crackers

    Carbon Fibre Mines Style Lip

    Nope nothing like that. If it's a good fit they latch on quite nicely. As mentioned above self tapping screws for the sides in the wheel arch and some adhesive for the middle. I would use tiger seal, you'll never get it off using that stuff!
  4. Hot Crackers

    Carbon Fibre Mines Style Lip

    Oh I didn't realise the one from RT is carbon, thanks for the advice. I decided to fit them anyway with a little persuasion. But I may still be taking them off to sell the car so they might be up for grabs.
  5. Hot Crackers

    Carbon Fibre Mines Style Lip

    Yeah it does look nice! I would be very tempted to get one the only problem is, I have carbon side skirts so black would not look good but I am debating whether or not to just get rid of the side skirts and get the mines lip from RT performance as I don't think a car with just side skirts looks right.
  6. Hot Crackers

    Carbon Fibre Mines Style Lip

    I'm very glad for you.... . No seriously I am pleased for you. I don't know why my two were so bad, it just proves not to go solely on others experiences! I can't believe how well it fits on yours, and it looks like you have no imperfections either. Anyway looks good!
  7. Hot Crackers

    New headunit

    I have just had this fitted last week. It's a pioneer Avicf88dab and brimming with features, does everything and more!
  8. Hot Crackers

    Carbon Fibre Mines Style Lip

    Got it to upload. Just some of the pictures of the imperfections and fitment problems. Bear in mind that in the pictures it doesn't look half a bad as what it did in real life. I know what you mean about cheeky. They paint a perfect picture of how their products are "amazing quality" and made with the "highest precision". They seem like a fairly new company that is all over the web on Google and ebay when you look for carbon parts or body kits for quite a few different cars. I think a lot of people are going to be caught out. The only thing is where to get a good mines style carbon fibre splitter without paying for more than what the cars worth Anyway hope it helps.
  9. Hot Crackers

    Carbon Fibre Mines Style Lip

    Sorry for reviving a thread from the dead. Just wanted to say that I have bought the carbon fibre mines style front splitter from Grams Styling. Hopefully I can save you before you buy it. I sent back my first one because it had so many imperfections, dents, scratches, broken corner and the carbon pattern distorted in the middle (hard to miss). But the main thing was that it didn't fit the bumper especially around the curves on the sides it had massive gaps. Plus it didnt reach the grill it just stopped halfway and that part hadn't been cut straight so visually stuck out a mile. When I queried about that they said they all are like that and you just paint it black, even though the pictures I sent them clearly showed my 350z as being black and painting a gap doesn't fill it. Anyway they said they had revised the splitter, but I didnt want it if it was anything like the first, they assured me it wouldn't be. The second one is just as bad and after a sarcastic email from them after I said I just want to post it back for a refund. I then thought I would have problems getting my money back, so I am going up to them with the splitter to show them how bad it is. Just waiting for them to get back to me with their opening times as their website doesn't have a contact number. I can't post pictures for some reason but they didn't really show how bad it was anyway.