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  1. Are they road legal etc? And meet emissions?
  2. Hi guys I recently purchased my fairlady and I know, i still haven't posted photos, unfortunately weather has been horrible etc. Anyway I need to buy a pair of catalytic convertors for her. I got a horrendous quote for a pair from motex, however they also said it would be cheaper to buy sports cats. I just need them to beable to pass the mot. So not bothered about if they are reconditioned etc. Although I do need them to always be on as my luck isn't as good as others haha. She's an 03 model with chassis number: z33-001378 any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. OK so i tried to put pics up but the file is over a mb so will have to take a couple of lower quality ones tomorrow
  4. Thanks guys . It's a 2003 model was imported over here from Japan in 2007. Silver with gun metal alloys. So excited haha
  5. Hi guys Picking up my 350z saturday so will soon be joining the realms of the big RWD beasts. Going from a ford fiesta to this is a big jump . Anyway i'm probably going to be asking for advice a lot other the next few weeks so i'd say hi
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