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  1. A guide on how to remove the pillars
  2. Ok so my A pillar has cracked (I have no idea how) and I've found a guide sdaying how to reve it. Now my question is, can it be repaired and if so how? or am i better off trying to get a new A pillar?
  3. 350z parked outside the casino at West cliff on sea. First digits on plate N10. I was the 350 you parked opposite
  4. Not sure if this is the section to post in but here goes. I want to get an after market immobiliser fitted to my 350. Any suggestions for a good one for about £300? Also mine is a jdm. Will there be any issues getting one installed. Cheers.
  5. Just purchased the one off eBay to give it a go. Is there a list somewhere with the codes and what they indicate? Or is it just a Google job
  6. Cheers for that think I'll shall have a purchase
  7. Haha cheers so this one should work? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/271642251568?cmd=VIDESC&gxo=true
  8. Haha cheers so this one should work? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/271642251568?cmd=VIDESC&gxo=true
  9. Ok will have a quick look now. I take it they will state if they work for jdm in the description. Silly question but what does Dtc pid and jobd mean. I'm a bit naive to anachronisms hah
  10. That's all I need is a bog standard one. Any ideas for best place to grab one?
  11. Thread revival Did anyone find a cheap reader for a jdm? I wanna get one myself as engine light has just come on. Alternatively does anyone in Essex have one and be kind enough to read the code for me? Case of beer in it for ya!
  12. Cheers jimmy, however Zmanalex has sorted me out now thanks anyway
  13. Managed to mangle a wheel stud by cross threading the nut on today (stupid mistake I know). Was wondering if anyone has a few spares to sell? It's an 03 model fairlady. Cheers
  14. Thanks guys I've managed to get a pair from ZMANAFLEX so all is well now
  15. will do ) do you if any 03 cats will work on an 03 fairlady tho? just unsure because it is an import
  16. springs going by the bill Just gotta get a pari of cats now haha
  17. stickers were already on their when i purchased it. And yer does need a bit of a clean I took it show a mate and he lives down some ridiculous country lanes
  18. so will any cats fit it as long as it is the same model? I'm guessing fairlady is only a name for it?
  19. based in Essex but will travel within reason
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