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  1. Glad to be of assistance Tom. More useful in your engine bay than sat in my drawer!
  2. Indeed, I wanted someone to fix her up and enjoy the Nismo again as I don't have the money to pay in labour. I have eaten through two sets of HFC's, the supercharger tore them to shreds.
  3. Hi everyone, My Nismo cat back gave up on me recently and sounded very sorry for itself so I needed a new system. After a lot of looking around I opted for the Tomei titanium single exit. The craftsmanship is pornography and it weighs a feather. However, my god is it LOUD! I bought the full system including the y-pipe seeing as mine was broken. Is there any way I could quieten it down a bit? I currently have DC headers/manifolds, Berk de cat pipes and the y-pipe back Expreme Ti system, the car is also HKS supercharged. It is not a pleasant drive on the motorway, it drones to the state where you need to pop pills for a headache. If there is no possible solution then I was thinking of buying the true dual HKS cat back (and selling the Tomei on to someone who has OEM/sports cats and standard manifolds for less volume). Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Joe
  4. Hi everyone. I had the HKS supercharger (GTS7040 blower - AN004) fitted last May to my 350Z (recently HKS released the upgraded AN008 kit). I was wondering if the bypass valve can be changed as the HKS is fairly quiet compared to the Vortech kit. I was looking at the TurboSmart option: http://www.turbosmartdirect.com/Product-Categories/Race-Port-BOVs/Race-Port-Black_2.html Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Joe
  5. Thank you for the kind comments. I am currently saving for a Vortech V3 supercharger to give the car some more horses. The last owners did the majority of the modifications. All I have got fitted/completed are the following: UpRev remap by Abbey Motorsport GT4 alloys powder coated in gloss black Rear windows tinted Front and rear lights tinted (SPi Vision) - can be removed easily if the next owner doesn't like them Cobra HFC's Sony double-din head unit It is a weekend toy, I use a Fiesta for commuting to work as she is too special to leave in car parks or be exposed to the winter weather conditions.
  6. Hi all, Sorry I haven't been on the forum for a while. I wanted to share a photo shoot that was done back in September by the very talented Ian Robinson (owns a stunning R33 GT-R). I do cherish my Z a bit too much (don't we all)!
  7. How about I go all out an get the GTM TT kit? They cater for RHD models. http://gtmotorsports.com/product.php?productid=16909&cat=319&page=1 I could have the twin turbo's on low boost?
  8. My Z is a weekend only car for a bit of fun. My daily driver is a Fiesta to get me to work as it's good on fuel. I'm guessing the kit and labour/tuning budget would be £10,000 for me, any more and it becomes a bit excessive. I stumbled across this mid mount kit: http://my350z.com/forum/engine/589454-boosted-performance-mid-mount-turbo-group-buy.html
  9. Thanks for your help. Do you know of any kits available like this or of companies that could fabricate it up? Cheers Joe
  10. It would be great to know what kits fit RHD models. What twin turbo setups do fit? I like the look of the Jim Wolf Technology kit and the Greddy. Please help me! I am a FI noob!
  11. So what kits are out there to buy now that the Z33 is over ten years old?
  12. I want to turbocharge my GT4 Z with a single turbo as apposed to a twin setup. The best kit would have been the HKS single turbo which has been discontinued. So I found an alternative Turbonetics kit: http://www.treadstoneperformance.com/product.phtml?p=231&cat_key=683&prodname=Nissan+350Z+Turbo+Kit It does seem rather cheap at $4800, does anyone know a UK Z on this forum with a Turbonetics setup? I understand there are plenty of twin turbo setups but they are just too expensive in terms of labour costs (I am not a mechanic/tuner and don't have a high paid job). I have had a look on YouTube for some videos and there are plenty on there but thought I would ask as I don't want to waste my money on a poor quality kit. Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers Joe
  13. I am the owner of 112/176. I purchased it from Rabster (boss of OutlawJapClub.com) in May 2013. It has had some bits and bobs done over the past 12 months to make it look more aggressive and is looked after by Abbey Motorsport. The previous four owners (including Rabster) poured thousands into it (mainly the full genuine Nismo body kit) and lovely carbon fibre.
  14. It depends how much it will cost to have a custom setup? Some out-of-the-box systems have a very good reputation on here. My personal favourite is the Nismo exhaust which has no drone at all unless you floor it (then it comes to life in an evil tone), but unfortunately they are discontinued so you would have to source a second-hand one. I have heard many good things about the Cobra systems too (resonated or non-resonated options). Have a browse through YouTube for some ideas.
  15. As promised, here is a quick video of the Nismo cat-back with Cobra HFC's. Let me know your thoughts, good or bad.



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