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  1. As above needed as soon as possible and delivered to DN15 postcode. Cam cover is the one one with the oil filler on it. Let me know what you have please. Thanks guys!
  2. I've sold the last three set's from VQ35DE model's as scrap cat's for £100 pretty much straight away on ebay. They were really rusty however so a good used pair should be £120-£150?
  3. b4bby

    VQ35DE motor

    I've two uk 350z's here one with 66'000 miles and approx 100'000 miles. Both engine's are available if needed. I'm happy to ship anything out worldwide.
  4. Thank's for putting this up, he's contacted me and I'll be doing my best to help him out.
  5. b4bby

    350z needing work

    Isn't that a jap import so It'll not have brembo's?
  6. If anyone does want these and quote's this forum I'll accept £60 Inc delivery!
  7. If you really struggle I've got a good passenger wing In black from a damaged car I've bought to swap some performance part's onto my own 350z. Happy to post out too.
  8. Thanks for the offer's so far everyone. When I get a five minute break from work I'll start arranging getting the part's hopefully next week.
  9. As above In black for a pre-facelift uk 350z. As good condition as possible please, not dented or scratches panel's. Will pay good price and may be able to collect In person and pay cash. Thank's for looking!





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