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  1. mine is in need of some of that, every time I wash it theres a new scratch and coz of all the motorway driving the front has crazy pebbledash! might just go for a total respray haha
  2. Q. how much extra hp could i get on my HR with a remap and how much will i have to pay out? please and thank u
  3. Awesome find. thats a relief, thought id have to spend hundreds on filters but as ive learned, i can still run on my k&n pannels and just get the lil beastie mapped
  4. hey all, just joined the club and cant wait to get involved, back in dec i bought a 08 350Z 313 with sexy looking nismo body kit all black, ive already changed to z badges for the black ones, far as i know everything else is standard, gotta change the wheels for some black deep dished 19's for sure.. looking forward to get chatting.



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