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  1. Due to a good clear out at home, I have two Milltek sections for sale as per title. Used but only fitted onto my old 370z for the duration of 100miles. I decided to run with HFC's and a resonated Milltek set up in the end. Running without silencers (resonators) was just a little too loud for my liking (yes I'm an oldie Lol) All my younger friends loved the sound & thought i was nuts to take them off!! Would suit anyone running with a 370z Milltek exhaust system Bargain @ £25 Delivered...I just need rid of these! (Huge reduction on the price you pay for these new) Cheers Marco
  2. Yes cheers dbass.... Those are the babys. £ well spent :-)
  3. I had Rasp from my Berks & hated it. Fast Intentions in the US do 'resonated' HFC's. Tarmac imported some for my 370 at my request. In short.....:they are b####y FANTASTIC. Rasp.......eliminated completely! So there....... It can be done guys :-) :-)
  4. Now Sold....Admim please delete or lock thread as rquired. Thanks Marco
  5. As CS has helped me out with some extra bits n pieces recently, i just wanted to re-itterate what i've said before.... Great service in every respect. Mitz & the gang put the customer first every time & are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks guys
  6. Mark, I thought yours had rubbed on the the front wheel arch liner (sticky out bit) like mine and that you had done a fix for it? So just to clarify - the front wheel arch liner has some protruding bits to it near where it meets the edge of the wing. Whenever the suspension is under load say for example going fast over a dip I can hear the tyre just brush the bump on the wheel arch liner and when I look at this protruding bit of the liner I can see the rub marks. I thought it may just be my Swift Springs but was pretty sure marconorth had the same issue and he is running with the Eibachs. Yes Scotty you are right of course! I did initially have that small issue with rubbing on the protruding bits (where wing joins to bumper panel) but it was so minor that i'd actually forgotten about it. My fix was basically to cut away the protruding plastic mouldings slightly on each side (i removed a piece of plastic no more than 1" x 1/2" using a Stanley knife) then pull down the edge of the arch liner, clean & reaseal the top side of the liner with a good black insulation tape. I have never heard any rubbing since & miraculously the insulation tape has stayed in place too
  7. Big Thanks to you Chris aka Tarmac for my latest acquisition from Fast Intentions in the US. Fantastic communication all the way made the whole process a joy
  8. Dealt with Ewan at CMS a few times now. Really pleasent knowledgeable & helpful. (That goes for all the traders i've dealt with on here to be fair!) Can't rate these guys highly enough. Cheers Ewan.
  9. I went for 25mm front & 20mm rear after i lowered mine on the Eibach Pro Kit. One of the few mods i've done that i've been happy with from day 1. You are more likely to get rubbing under the car & front lip due to the 30mm drop the pro kit gives rather than rubbing under the arches. With careful driving over low speed bumps & knowing your cars limitations you'll be just fine.
  10. Remember you can electrically retract the wing mirrors inwards. Simple push of a push of a button.
  11. Know how you feel busa, that always happens to me too! To add insult to injury i've just reduced them to £325 delivered!! Really need these gone asap. Too many car parts lying round the house.
  12. Thanks Tarnac....... I did think that i'd pitched the price in the right area.
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