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  1. Any pictures? Just the one below for the minute. As you know Andy, I was going for either a Supra, Evo or RX-7 and as this one came up and ticked all the boxes before any of the other two, I went for it. Had to go all the way to Blackpool for it. Not quite as long as your journey for the Zed but long enough..
  2. Hey, Simon - yeah I doubt you'll ever see it in St Albans again but I still see your 370 occassionaly in the mornings. I'm now kicking about in a white Evo 5, so if you see one flash 'hi' at you, you'll know who it is :-)
  3. Hi Andy, return of the car to the forum? It never left the forum lol :-) Anyway, good to meet you yesterday and I hope you have as much fun with the car as I did, it really is a good one. Cheers Michael
  4. Yup, it has the Weldina Nismo plate! :-)
  5. if you read the Newera Imports link I added above, you will find lots of info on the spec. It describes the wheels as '19" Andrew Premier Series Racing Evolution 5's' with a price of £3.5k (excluding tyres) :-)
  6. It DOES look like the one that Neweraimports sold a while ago as a genuine F&F movie car, although that one was quoted at 430bhp. The turbo install looks very 'stealth' to me so could be missed at a quick glance under the bonnet. Link Below. http://www.neweraimports.com/soldcarDetails.jsp?carId=393
  7. + 1 that was my first impression too sorry , could be wrong though. interesting, did Nismo do another exhaust for the 350Z apart from the S Tune? Got another pic below in case that helps
  8. it'll be 'flying ant day' soon (in the next few days probably, considering the weather we're having), so that'll be a messy day for us
  9. I'm now getting offers from our friends across the Channel for my PistonHeads advertised 350Z. He offers £1500 less than the asking price saying that the cars not worth £5.5k plus he has to spend a lot to come over from France. What anyone has to pay to come and see the car isn't my concern, and how does he know what it's worth - he hasn't viewed it!! I suggested he didn't know what he was talking about and that there were other Zeds available nearer his budget and maybe one of those would suit him better, although they likely wouldn't be as good as mine. Not heard anything back from him, and I'm not bothered in the slightest :-)
  10. I feel your pain. Mine has been on PistonHeads for a few days and I've been getting constant emails offering between 30-50% off my asking price. Oh, and they say they can pay in 'cash', as if that'll make me give it away lol. Not had the scammers yet but I'm sure I will soon enough
  11. Agreed, seems too cheap. Bargain for someone!
  12. I would like to see Chris Harris as one of the other two presenters. I think his youtube stuff is great, plus he does a bit of racing too. Very enthusiastic guy and I think his personality would work well against Evans' As for the potential third presenter, I hope its not an appointment based on BBC target meeting political correctness.





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