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  1. OK not too bad then, just higher than expected holiday expenses!
  2. Nice trip- well done. When you say you lost your license 4 years ago- you were caught speeding in france but lost your UK license? How long did you lose it for? And was it a french or UK court that took it?
  3. Hi Jez, Nice to meet you and nice to see another Z out on track! I enjoyed our run on track together and having a look around your car- nice work.
  4. Hi all, Thanks for the comments. My car runs on Federal 595rsr tyres, ebc blue stuff pads and BC coilovers. Its primarily a road car, with a couple of bits and bobs to allow it to do a few track days a year. Cadwell is 170 miles from me but its essentially my "local" circuit. Croft is closest to me but most of my trackday going friends can pass the 88db noise regs in force at croft. Ive been to Cadwell a number of times and its still entertaining, its a tricky little circuit!
  5. I have just been to Cadwell Park for a trackday the the Z. The rain threatened all day but it essentially stayed dry. The Z ran well with no problems, unlike my friends e36 m3 which suffered a broken diff mount! It was nice to meet up with another Z owner on track and have a lap or two seeing how each others machine compares- great fun!
  6. http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=27782
  7. That would be my choice. Selling off the good parts from you old engine (pumps, heads, sensors) could recoupe £500. £1500 for an engine swop all in is good going.
  8. Yes, used 370z's are tipped to be down as low as £10k by this time next year.
  9. Has the discount been applied in the UK yet?
  10. EBC bluestuff pads, EBC standard discs, braided lines, ATE superblue fluid, brake cooling ducts. Job done.
  11. Cheers Federal RSR595 I like them and will be fitting them again.
  12. I agree, although the focus in the Spa vid was not really holding me up too much. We were evenly matched around a full lap.
  13. Not sure about the pits. Two of the lads in our party used the other pits last time they were there. Pot luck! I really like the track. It has good run off in places so you can push a little more than you might of. Some sections like Au Rouge will bite hard if you get it wrong! Its a horse power track, I can imagine it gets tedious in a low powered car. The Z did the job again and held its own in a strong pack of track/road cars. My car is standard apart from BC coilovers, 595 tyres and bluestuff pads. I saw 140mph on the clocks but my speedo over reads due to the size of tyres on the rear. It translate to about 125mph gps. It would have been higher if the track conditions were better but thats what I saw on the day.
  14. Cheers. It was a combination- I have to work the brakes hard to pull back what ive lost in the power stakes. The brake pedal was starting to lengthen when I past the Focus. He was pressuring me once I past and I messed up, I tried to brake later even though my brakes were past their best. Its all great fun! The N'ring was very tricky, damp patches on the driving line at the apex of a corner certainly focuses the mind!
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