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  1. Haha too right it's ugly, not too bad front end... But what do you expect when it's basically and old metro gti lol.
  2. hahaha That's my favourite so far! +1, why would you bother This isn't made to be a TT, it's actually a banham x21 which is a kit car, just some mong has put an Audi badge on it.... I know this as my old man had one a few years ago lol
  3. Saw you today about 18.15 hrs, I was in the Audi A6. Liked it how I dropped my window and you dropped a cog. Sounded lovely :-)
  4. karl922

    Dash squeak :(

    The only squeak I noticed was the microphone for the phone system, it's at the top of the screen. Give that a poke next time and see if it works mate
  5. Bet it will sound lovely with the decats, it's killing me driving this mondeo lol, think I need to get a nice German diesel barge.
  6. But im in the RAF so wouldn't be able to live in it for a while yet as my postings miles away from where I would realistically buy.
  7. Sold my temper orange yesterday to a nice chap who's planning a TT conversion.... In good hands it looks like. Now it's either save up for a house or chop the shed in for a nice BMW 530d m sport. What's peoples thoughts on these? Cheers
  8. karl922

    standard RAYS

    Hi mate, I have some rays off my 07 plate. Falken 452's all round but rears are near limit. Make me an offer.
  9. karl922

    orange zed?

    Just found this topic as I'm away on exercise. Yeah this temper orange is mine, it's on a private plate at the minute as my nickname is Crowey, it is of course a 2007. I'm so glad I chose this colour over my original choice of black because while it looks pastel in dull weather and when it's dirty in the sun and clean it looks gleaming and I get so many good comments about it. Can't see what your reffering to about a rubber but I assure you it must be a camera trick of some sort. If your interested pop me a message. I had the wheels put on about 2 months ago with new falkens. Cheers
  10. Mileage now on 72k, just had 19" rota grids in black fitted with falken 452's. Looking for £9500 now, not desperate just fancy a change. If you have a px let me know, large nice diesel would be good (530d, a6 etc)
  11. Just past the gym and macds. I was in a temper orange.





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