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  1. It's part of the EVAP system. That system captures the fuel that has evaporated from the tank (typically in a carbon cannister) and essentially puts this vapour back into the engine in a controlled way. Judging by the ticking noise of the valve, it pulses the return of this vapour/suction of the inlet manifold on time with the engine. This could also explain why you don't hear the valve noise from cold. I assume that during warm up, emissions need to be tightly controlled so the EVAP valve remains shut. Once the engine is warm, the vapour can be purged. Well, that's what I think!
  2. Kept on forgetting to put a link to my video, here it is (somewhat later than planned but hope it helps someone else one day...)
  3. Just jumping back on here - I've taken a video of the noise and then the difference it makes unplugging the EVAP valve. I just need to get it on YT and I'll come back here and post a link.
  4. @Jimmy94Hi Jimmy, thanks for taking the time to suggest unplugging the EVAP solenoid. I actually tried it as soon as I got home from work as I was really keen to see if this was my problem. I had my wife holding the car at just over 1k rpm which is where the noise starts to get loud and as it was busy 'ticking' away, I unplugged the EVAP solenoid and the ticking instantly stopped!!! So, well chuffed that that's all it is! I've been dreading an expensive bill but an EVAP solenoid is certainly bearable. Thanks so much for the info here - this has really helped me. I'm planning on taking a video of the noise (and the effect of unplugging the solenoid valve) and I'll post a link here so others can hopefully benefit from the wisdom of this thread. I'll try and do that at he weekend. Thanks again - I'll sleep easy tonight! Dave
  5. Hi Rich Another resurrection of this post but how did you get on (and thanks Jimmy for the original post!)? Did you have a ticking EVAP solenoid valve? If you unplugged it, did the noise go away? I ask as my 370 just started making a ticking noise from the back of the engine and I'm desperately trying to work out where it is coming from. Lots on the web about fuel dampers clicking but mine is quiet (normal) at start up (from cold) and while warming up. The clicking only comes in after 2 or 3 minutes when the idle settles down and the engine warms up. It gets lounder at about 1000rpm and above. The fuel dampers on the fuel rails are below the plenum and my ticking is definitely coming from the back of the engine (nearest the firewall) so I don't think it is them. Also, if it were the fuel dampers, I'd expect the clicking to be all of the time and not just when warm. It makes sense that no EVAP is attempted to purge while warming up but then again maybe I'm just wishful thinking. My mind has been all over the place for a week or so wondering if it is valve clearance, piston slap, conrod damage - all expensive stuff. I'm hoping it is just something simple. Might be coincidence, but I changed the oil a week or so before the noise started but I used the same 5W30 Mobil oil that I have used for years with no problem but it seems odd that it started just after this... Any help or advice would be gratefully received. TIA Dave
  6. Oh no... That's not good news. Don't suppose there's any cheap fix for that, probably head off territory...
  7. Hmm, I hope for you it isn't the head (or head gasket?), either way, not an easy or cheap fix. Post back what you find...
  8. Appreciate this thread is a bit old but I think the throttle bodies are cooled by coolant so you might have leak in one of those hoses or connections. Most plausible since the throttle bodies are above the coil packs. Did the misfire ever come back (I hope not obvs!)
  9. I can't help here I'm afraid but I have exactly the same issue. My car has done it since I bought it (at 3 years old). I've no idea what causes it either...
  10. I'm sure you know this but you can swap the wipers to intermittent on the RHS stalk but even within intermittent, there is an element of Auto still present no matter what interval setting you have it on. So the answer to your questions I believe is no
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