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Adrian Flux – April 2015 Competition

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So guys and girls, the start of the show season is here, the weather is improving by the day (touch wood!) and it’s time to get the car out and make it sparkle ready for the summer.

Here at Flux towers, we thought what better way to prepare you other than to give away a fantastic prize?! We’ve come up trumps on this one and have a Nilfisk C110 4.5 X-tra 110 Bar High Performance Pressure Washer to give away to one lucky winner!



“How do I get my hands on that awesome piece of kit?†I hear you ask?

Step 1: All you need to do is call in on the dedicated club line, 0800 587 2965 , and receive a quotation during April. If it’s easier, you can PM us to arrange for us to call you (Just send us a few of your details, include your telephone number and email address so we can then contact you)


“I’ve already got my insurance with you guys†– That’s fine! Just jump straight to Step 2.


Step 2: Once you have received your quotation or if you are already a policy holder with us, you need to post on this thread and give us the most imaginative, funny, clever reason as to why you need this prize in your life. I want you to get really imaginative with this and make us laugh (if you can). You must complete step one to be in with a chance of winning, as we will validate the chosen winner by tracing their quote/policy.


It’s as simple as that, so get your thinking caps on guys. I’m looking forward to giving this great prize away to the lucky winner!



Terms Of Entry. 1 entry per person. Adrian Flux underwriting criteria applies. Quote must be obtained via the telephone number listed or as arranged via PM, in April 2015. Once quote received or if existing customer, a comment as mentioned in the competition terms must be left in the competition thread. The winner will be randomly selected from all entries on all participating forums and will need to supply details to locate quote/policy when requested. General terms can be found here: https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/corporate/competition/tac-standard.php

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I need this jet washer as I'm sick to death of having to lend my current one out to family members who are too damn tight to go out & buy their own pressure washers.


I bought mine for washing my car not pressure washing a flippin' patio or cleaning some poxy house bricks!!

I mean who jet washes a house?! Who cares if their brick work has some moss on it I mean it's a house so just live in it, you don't have to clean it with my jet washer. :dry::angry:


Not funny I know just more of a rant ~ wouldn't mind so much but they don't even buy me snow foam to use on my car for my Birthdays. :scare::byebye:

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