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350z Carbon Fibre Gauge Covers - Now in!

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I have a question. Can you get hold of tri-gauge pod pillars for the driver's side pillar - I mean ones that fit correctly, not some cut and shut job.


These are only available for the passenger side in the US and can't seem to find any in Oz


The equivalent of these - only reversed if u see what I mean and also would prefer NOT CF

http://performancenissanparts.com/catal ... ts_id=3529



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I have one fitted to my car - I'll get a pic asap and post it up.


Gauge pods = non that I know of. I know Greddy produce double A-pillar pods specific for some Japanese cars, but they dont do one for the 350z.... YET... I recon they will eventually but I have no idea when that might be.



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OK I'll get one done for ya all.

Only thing is, I have a CF dash panel fitted too which actually doesnt work well with the CF top cover - strangely enough it just doesnt sit right. Soooo, I've decided to remove the dash panel but typically it has bonded itself solid to the dash now - grrrrr. I'll have a go at it later today if it's quiet in the office and get it off, then take a pic of the top thingie from inside the car.


If I get the dash panel off in one piece it'll be up for sale by the way - nice n cheap ;)



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