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Superpro bushed front arms

GT4 Zed

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I was going to swap with someone on here but the logistics make this very difficult and not economically viable.

So I'm putting this out for any interested party.

My car is fully urethane bushed with Superpro bushes where applicable and it's been an amazing transformation of the cars handling.


To take things further I have decided to swap all the bushes to metal mono ball bushes from SPL to complement my all SPL suspension. This is all part of my longterm plans to convert my car to track only so I want ride of all suspension bushes compliance.


I'm doing the front first the rear later so up for swap with your oem arms in good condition and money my way.

-Front banana arm with Superpro compression bush fitted in vgc

- front lower control arm( translink arm) with inner and outer Superpro bushes fitted and vgc.


We all know how good urethane transforms the handling but its expensive and labour intensive. Here you have the opportunity to save loads and improve you cars handling at a fraction if the cost.

I'll get some archives pics up ASAP.


This offer will stand till month end after which I'll just press out and likely destroy the Superpro bushes and replace them with SPL solid bushes on my existing arms as soon as I get them.

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