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Corrosion on 57 plate Z


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I took the Z to Nissan regarding some Corrosion on the roof, a few 5p and 1p humps and bump appearing now, he took some pics and sent it off to Nissan head office UK (who ever makes the final decision in the warranty dept) with a report. That was Monday, yesturday he phoned me back and said it isnt good news....so after a phone call today with Nissan i was not happy with the reason behind the decision....


'it isnt covered under the warranty as its been caused by an outside source'...................


........yi weather!



Anyway without boring you with the rest of the conversation that went round and round, they basically aint touching it! The decision was based on about 2 pics that were taken when it was raining and very dull.....but that isnt my issue, the issue is 1) why cant my dealer (who can see and touch it) make a decision?! and 2) who makes a decision like that looking at some amatuer pics!?


Were do i stand?! should i just let this go and move on or what?! :rant:

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Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, the paint warranty is against perforation which basically means it must start under the paint rather than from an external cause I.e. stone chips. So if paint is only blistered you should be able to argue but if there is "broken" paint you are unlikely to win because they will ague external cause.

It's always worth challenging.

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