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MeisterR will be at Japfest 2013!!!

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MeisterR will be displaying at Japfest 2013 with our range of coilovers!

We also have a few new products to show, so please drop by and say hello.


We will also have our demo car on display for all to see:


MeisterR R32 GTR: Oldie by Goodie... and this time in the flesh.

MeisterR R35 GTR: Newcomer with a set of new MeisterR Suspensions.

MeisterR Wide Arch SC430: Took a while, but ready to be seen by the world.

MeisterR Sponsored E36 Estate: MnM Engineering BDC Drift Car... complete with a 2JZ-GTE Supra Engine!


Edwin and I will both be at the show, and it will be great to put some name to faces.

We will also have plenty of MeisterR Stickers, so feel free to come by and grab some for your car. :)


Hope to see you all there.



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I won't be, but if there something you want, I will try to arrange it before hand.

I have drop you a PM.



I should be there nice and early.

Will have some new products to debut too... so should be interesting and exciting. :)



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A windy and cold Japfest 2013, but a great day out and nice to meet many members.

Good to put a few name to a few faces, and a enjoyable day.




MeisterR was also debuted the MeisterR GT1 coilovers that we have been working hard on over the past 6 months.

This is the most advanced suspension we have ever build, and we will put up a full press release in the near future.



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