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Does anyone go biking with their zed?


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I've been lurking here for a month or so, so I guess it's about time I got round to asking a question that's been bugging me:


Are their any mountain bikers on here (or roadies)? If so, has anyone found a good way to transport their bike on their zed?

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I've got my 18" hard tail in to the car. Both wheels in the boot, and then the frame wrapped in towels in the passenger seat/foot well.


Same here, although I had to drop the forks out too..

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Hope you have got a few hours spare.


Thanks for the link - plenty to go through there!


So I've found the boofsquire, which isn't available anymore, is a highland part - will look more into this tomorrow.


I don't want to have to remove forks/bars and I really don't want to squeeze the bike inside the car - especially not with the mud my local trails cover me in.


At least I've got some more things to look into, thanks all :thumbs:

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